Marvelette Missives – Letter 44

For “real world” sci-fi, Letter 44 has an interesting premise: what if alien life had been detected far from Earth and a team was sent to find out what it was, but the public was never informed about it? 

This comic follows a newly elected president who finds out, in the official last letter of the previous president, that such alien life was discovered during the previous administration. Of course, he doesn’t believe it at first, but others in the administration who are privy to the secret convince him. The story alternates between Earth and how the new president is choosing to handle this news, and the crew in space, who are hiding some news of their own while investigating what’s out there.

The plot is well developed and there’s some good storytelling in the issues collected in the first volume. Given the state of politics, it’s actually somewhat believable that this sort of huge secret could be kept hidden from the general public. It’s a good comic for anyone into stories of alien lifeforms and hidden agendas.

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