Marvelette Missives – Jessica Jones

If you haven’t been to your local comic shop lately, you may have missed the new Jessica Jones comic book. The series began in October (stemming, in part, from the popularity of the Netflix series) and, even though it’s only two issues in, it’s pretty interesting so far. 

The series starts out with Jessica’s release from the prison known as The Cellar. Of course, we don’t yet know why she was there or how she managed to get released. But attempting to get Alias Investigations up and running again means she needs a case. Sure, she gets one – a find out why my husband is acting strange sort of thing – but things are never all that straightforward (this is the Marvel universe, after all).

jj1Then there’s what’s going on between Jessica and her now estranged husband Luke Cage. She’s hiding their daughter from him for some reason and he has all manner of heroes chasing Jessica down to find out where she is. She’s not only trying to avoid them, but also doing her best to avoid Luke himself.

The cool thing is the book is being written and drawn by Jessica’s original creators, Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, so it captures the feel of the stories in Alias, where we first met her. It’s an intriguing plot thus far, which brings in a lot of the Marvel universe while staying street level at the same time. If you’re a fan of the character, either from earlier appearances or the Netflix series, this is definitely worth picking up.

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