Marvelette Missives – Eternity

The exploration of our known universe and beyond is nothing new for comics. In Marvel and DC, the cosmos is littered with all manner of heroes and villains attempting to take over or save entire galaxies. And now Valiant is stepping into that realm with the new series Eternity. Written by Matt Kindt with art from Trevor Hairsine – the team behind Divinity – this short-run series is expanding the Valiant universe into the cosmos with not only new locales, but also new characters on the level of gods and mythology. 

From the publisher:

Beyond our galaxy… Beyond the Valiant Universe… A new cosmos of god-like beings, mythic heroes, and eons-old civilizations has existed parallel to our own for untold millennia. But what is the true nature of this arcane and wildly different reality…and what is its connection to Abram Adams, the lost cosmonaut now known as Divinity? Soon, mankind’s unwilling ambassador to the impossible will be forced to return to the void that birthed him anew…as the cosmic forces of two universes collide for a visionary comics odyssey in the tradition of Kirby and Moebius!

The first issue of Eternity (released October 25) shows beings beyond Earth who force the hand of those attempting to maintain a quiet life. The story shifts to other realms as a death forces a plan to be set in motion that could affect every entity in the universe. It’s an engrossing story that pulls readers in from the start. And the art is fantastically rich and colorful, with so many different atmospheres, landscapes and characters. Valiant is taking a big leap and it looks like they could stick the landing.

Marvelette Missives is written by TinkEsq, aka Miss Dawn, Web Goddess of Geek Watch One.  


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