“Keepin’ Up With The GEEK BROS” – The 22th

Juancho and ViBE are the “GEEK BROS”! Providing their special brand of social commentary on all geek-tasic entertainment news, events, TV shows, movies and so much more!

Comic book news

• Axel Alonso is gone
• Eddie Berganza

Weekend Movie stand out none

• None getting ready for the big one next week

Anime invasion

• None

Video Games Out this week

• Video game awards is today
• Mega man 11
December 3rd
• Tobu Tobu Girl Gameboy

December 5th 2017

• Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big package ps4
• Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition ps4
• This is the policy switch
• Caveman warriors switch
• Nine Parchments switch
• Boiling Bolt ps4
• Oh my Godheads
• The walking dead: the telltale series collection ps3
• Steep Winter games edition ps4
• Amazing katamari Damacy android

December 6th

• WWE 2018 switch
• A Hat in Time ps4 xbox one
• Jak II ps4
• Jak 4 ps4
• Jak X: Combat Racing ps4
• Chaos on Deponia ps4

Open mic

• Star wars sex toys
Darth vibrator, R2-V2, Vibe Tropper Vibrator, Hand Solo Penetrable, C3-plug, Blue green Red Light saber dildo, laser Sword Flogger,Space station Ball Gag
• Rian Johnson to bring back someone special to VIBE.
• EA new update to help the crybabies
• UFC 218 streamed through twitch
• Ryan Reynolds article
• Pokémon go update article
• Watch our Jurassic park Reaction video
• Disney and 20th century fox article

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