Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 42-Like Water In Your Cereal, Revered By Nerdom

This week, the Keepers act like a couple of big old douchenuts, or……something like that.

Topics on this episode include:

  1. Godzilla 2 is promising an epic monster battle.
  2. The pilot script has been finished for the Witcher series
  3. Indiana Jones 5 could be next for Steven Spielberg
  4. Tom Holland could be involved with the Venom movie in some way
  5. The Masters Of The Universe reboot has a release date
  6. Crocodile Dundee is back….sort of.
  7. Interesting information about the Dune reboot
  8. More details about the new Spawn movie.
  9. Keepers reccomendations
  10. Keepers movie review of the week-Attack Of The Killer Donuts
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