Keepers Of The Fringe, Episode 14-Derrick Doesn’t Share food! (Also, Derrick Has A Cold)

Topics discussed this episode:

  1. Bioware has put the future of “Mass Effect” on hold
  2. Alan Moore’s “Show Pieces” to debut on Shudder in June
  3. The director of “Turbo Kid” is making a horror movie titled, “Summer of 1984”
  4. “Dr. Katz” is returning as an audio series on Amazon Prime
  5. Jackie Chan and Sylvester Stallone to team up for a project called “Ex-Baghdad”
  6. A fantasy/noir series titled “Carnival Row” is coming to Amazon Prime
  7. Rob Cohen to make a movie based on the “Razor” comic book series
  8. A “Judge Dredd” series is coming to television
  9. An R-rated reboot of “Hellboy” is in the works
  10. A “Deadpool” animated series is coming to FXX
  11. Keeper recommendations
  12. Fringe movie review of the week-“The Magic Sword”

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