GW1 Issue 126 – Wonders of the Odd


This week we have all the odd worth geeking out about from Oddmall Hallowonderous in Toledo, Ohio. First, we talk with our friend Rob Turk about his new game, then we get into some of the fun we had over the weekend. Plus, we’re joined by Jessie and one of this weekend’s performers, Lonnie James. And of course we have a bit of news from the past week. 


Talking with Rob Turk about his new game Purgatory House, as well as Are You Mental?
Cosplay and the Oddmall costume contest
Recap of panels, including Supernatural, Doctor Who monsters, paranormal investigations and Victorian superstitions
Entertainment review – so many great performers on the Oddmall stage
Geek news – postponing Punisher Netflix show, confirmation of Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead cross-over, Marvel drops comic arrangement with arms company, Star Wars update, Game of Thrones final season filming date, details on DC’s Doomsday Clock




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