GW1 Issue 90 – Wield the Shield

We have a great interview to share with you this week. Lân Diệp was a mild mannered lawyer who ran for San Jose city council and won. But his swearing in went viral when he decided to pull his trusty Captain America shield out of storage. He’s sharing his story and his geek with us! But first, we’re chatting about a few recent and upcoming events (like Oddmall), plus there was a lot of casting news over the past few days. 

  • What’s up – Oddmall, Con on the Cob, RCBP success at Akron Reading Festival, anime con in PA, Zip Con in Akron
  • News – Runaways casting, Cloak and Dagger casting, Agents of SHIELD fixes Avengers plot hole with LMDs, Powerless premiere, Black Lightning pilot, casting for Aquaman
  • Interview with Lân Diệp – city council election, swearing in with the shield, collecting comics and more



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