GW1 Issue 88 – Viking Raids

We’re almost two years old and we’ve never done a show about Vikings! So this week, we rectify that oversight and get into what we love about the show and why you should be watching it. But first we chat about technology, where we’re going to be in the coming weeks and, of course, some news from movies and tv that you might have missed.

  • The future is now – technology and autonomous cars
  • Coming attractions – Groundhog Day Gaming Retreat this weekend, our 2nd anniversary Meeplecast on Jan. 30, Akron Reading Festival on Feb. 4, Oddmall on Feb. 11-12
  • News – Erik Estrada’s reaction to CHiPs trailer (and the problem with turning classic shows into movies), another Shaft remake?!, Legendary loses its founder, Marvel gets a new president, new Witchblade show, Deadpool gets a People’s Choice award, upcoming Spider-Man animated film will have Miles Morales, Batman/The Shadow crossover, Star Trek: Discovery delayed again
  • Vikings – how it uses the history of vikings and the real people involved to build the story, effectively representing cultures and mythology, where we think the show will go (who’ll kill who, where will they travel next)



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