GW1 142 – Trailing Around


A few big trailers dropped this week that we really want to talk about, especially Venom, Solo and Deadpool 2. And then there was the Cloverfield Paradox, which dropped a trailer and premiered on the same day! But there was also a lot of news this week, including a few firsts for the MCU and some interesting movie rumors. 


What we’re up to – updates on Oddmall Outpost, Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere is THIS WEEKEND, new Malted Meeple location expected to open in March, alpacas!

Cloverfield Paradox – from the surprise premiere to conspiracy theories

News –  Disney streaming service update; Black Panther screening in Kenya, on the cover of Time magazine and breaking pre-sale records; Jessica Jones season 2 trailer; Michael Bay circling a Lobo movie; possible Scorsese Joker movie; Legends of Tomorrow opening the door for a new Constantine series

Trailers – what the Venom teaser tells us about which storyline is being used, Solo teaser and trailer shows us what the Millennium Falcon is supposed to look like, Deadpool 2’s crazy trailer shows us new and old team members and Easter eggs

Quick shout out to JC Comics & Cards!




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