GW1 Issue 140 – The Terrific Threes


This week we’re at The Malted Meeple celebrating our third birthday! It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this for three years already… and we still get along with each other! In addition to a bit of reminiscing, Kylan brings us his first book review of the year. And we’re talking Oscar nominations – well, more like questioning, once again, a lot of the choices. Plus we come up with some categories of our own. 


What we’re up to – Cleveland Concoction is coming up, almost time for Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere, Oddmall Outpost updates

Kylan’s Review Corner – Kylan lets us know about Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist from Dynamite Comics

News – voice cast for Incredibles 2, Animaniacs reboot showrunner, Sword in the Stone director, Cloak & Dagger premiere, Timeless season 2 premiere, Supernatural/Scooby-Doo crossover episode, Black Dynamite sequel

We’re three years old – how did that happen?!

Oscar nominations – some history, our thoughts on some of the nominees and the biggest snubs, plus some categories we think should legitimately be added




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