GW1 Issue 119 – Talking Cons at the Meeple


Once again it’s time for a Meeplecast and this time we’re talking about the 50th anniversary of GenCon. But first, find out what we were up to over the past week. Then we have a bunch of news about local cons, including a change of location for one. 


What we’re up to – prepping for Dragon Con, checking out The Hitman’sBodyguard, recording audio books, night hiking

Local convention news – new location for Cleveland Concoction, Oddmall updates, Con on the Cob geeky shirt swap

NewsStranger Things renewed, synopsis for Unbreakable sequel

GenCon 50th anniversary – record breaking attendance, TMBG concert, a surprising sellout game, demoing games involving Star Wars, video games (Centipede?!), Legend of Korra and Harry Potter



Cleveland Concoction on Facebook

Oddmall: Rubber City Rumpus, September 16-17, Akron, Ohio

Con on the Cob


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