GW1 Issue 92 – Small Town Monster Invasion

We’re joined this week by Seth Breedlove from Small Town Monsters to talk about his latest monster hunting films, the joys of shooting documentaries and what he has coming up next (hint: it involves aliens!). But first we chat about recent happenings and some news from around the geek world. 

  • What we’ve been up to – Book Posse, Uncharted, local brewery passport, exploring some park trails
  • NewsLegion +3 ratings, Philip K. Dick anthology series on the way, 2016 comic book sale stats, Namor movie rumors, Uncharted movie
  • Interview with Seth Breedlove – talking all the Small Town Monsters movies, including Boggy Creek Monster, film festival releases, weird happenings while filming, kickstarter for Mothman of Point Pleasant and Invasion on Chestnut Ridge



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