GW1 Issue 122 – Rumpus in the Rubber City


This past weekend was Oddmall: Rubber City Rumpus and we have all the details. We’re joined by the Mutha himself, Andy Hopp, along with the MC for the weekend, Mark Bognar (from Tangent Bound network), and stage pimp Michael McFarland. Plus other random people drop by as well. 


Rubber City Rumpus happenings – the first outdoor Oddmall in Akron; shout outs to the Derby Downs crew for all the help and to the Oddmall staff and volunteers; riding soap box cars down the big hill; great musical entertainment all weekend

What we’ll be up to – for out next issue we’ll be joining Pirates of the Rusty Cutlass for a charity haunted attraction at Maple Grove Manor in East Canton

Kylan and Ken join Mark and Jim from Tangent-Bound live on stage – talking logistics and a lot of Star Trek




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