GW1 Issue 127 – Playing Catch Up


The past couple weeks have brought some interesting news across the geek world. So this week we decided to play catch up and talk about some of the more interesting stories we’ve come across. From tv to movies to theme parks to cons, we have a little something for everyone this time around. 


What we’ve been up to – fall tv shows, Stranger Things

Coming soon – October Meeplecast is coming up, Seth Breedlove documentary double feature in Canton, Con on the Cob

NewsTitans casts its Beast Boy, production wraps on Solo, Aquaman and Deadpool 2, Star Tours giving fans a peek at Last Jedi scene, Disney doggy daycare, will Tron 3 happen, Guardians vol 3 begins new story arc for MCU, Hulk storyline across three movies, New Mutants trailer, Stan Lee Funko Pops, creating a monster/Pacific Rim cross-over, Rick and Morty’s questionable finale

Oddmall Outpost: Assembly of Odd is opening soon! 

Don’t forget: Purgatory House kickstarter runs until Oct. 31; Maple Grove charity yard haunt with Pirates of the Rusty Cutlass




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