GW1 Issue 109 – Now With Extra Pulp

This week we have an interview with “new pulp” author Derrick Ferguson, who writes the Dillon series among other stories and books. First, we catch up with our general geeky happenings, then talk some of the news from the past week, including the Project Scorpio reveal from E3 and bidding farewell to a fan favorite. 


What we’re up toI, Villain audiobook recording, debunking videos, catching up with Resident Evil

News – no more dueling in Canada, Xbox One X announcement from E3, Dreamcast emulator, Old Man Jack comic, RIP to one of Kylan’s favorites from Animal House

Derrick Ferguson interview –  talking pulp, writing, characters, comics and more
(Be sure to stick around after our end credits for an extra bit of chat with Derrick!)




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