GW1 Issue 94 – No Going Back

Unless you were living under a very big rock, you know that Logan came out last week, so guess what we’re talking about! That’s right, a spoiler-filled review and discussion about the final Wolverine film. But before we get to that, there are a few updates and some news stories from the past week that we found interesting.  

  • Intro digression on Hanna Barbara comics
  • What we’re up to – shaking off sickness, puppy proofing, Cleveland Concoction
  • News – Marvel/Capcom 3 rerelease before the new game, Pym Tech building set implodes, full Inhumans cast (with Lockjaw!), Pests the Game kickstarter at 75%, Mothman and Invasion fully funded
  • Deadpool 2 teaser trailer talk
  • Logan – our review of the film, some of the Easter eggs and comparing characters in the movie vs the comics



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