GW1 Issue 116 – Movie Reviews Cubed


Some movies opened over the past few weeks so we’re catching up on our reviews. We cover Valarian, Atomic Blonde and Dark Tower. Are any of them worth seeing on the big screen or should you just wait until they stream to your TV? And yes, there are spoilers. But first, there’s a lot of recent casting news to talk about, plus Deadpool 2 production details, TV show updates and some comic book news.  


Digressions from the start! Soap operas, spies, professional wrestling, the paranormal and donuts

News – Deadpool Download (Domino!); Constantine a possibility for Legends of Tomorrow; Titans show casting; CW DC shows crossover; Lion King movie casting; X-Men: Dark Phoenix casting; Wrath of Khan show in the works; Nightmare Before Christmas sequel; Black optioned for a movie; Disney princess movie marathon

Update on the final kickstarter results for Top Secret: New World Order (and Kylan tries to decide on an alias)

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets – how they managed to pull off that massive marketplace scene, tie-ins to Fifth Element

Atomic Blonde – Germany in the 80s + cold war + standard spy plot + intense action = a good time

The Dark Tower – inspired by the books but not entirely following them, lots of Easter eggs


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