GW1 Issue 104 – More TV Than You Can Watch

There was a lot of television news this week, so that’s what we’re chatting about (well, most of us are… Kylan is mumbling his way through because of dental work). First we cover Oddmall… yes, there’s another one this weekend and it’s outdoors! Then we get into TV, with cancellations, renewals, new shows and a return to sci-fi. 


Oddmall Updates – Riverside Ramble on May 20 in Canton, great location outdoors at Stadium Park, lots of activities including a costume contest; Oddmall fans and cosplayers in Memorial Day parade
New Music – the Bob’s Burgers album is now available!
TV News – cancellations (Powerless, Frequency), one un-cancellation (Timeless), renewals (CW shows), full series orders (Black Lightning), new shows (animated Deadpool), SyFy channel returning to its roots
Don’t forget: our Meeplecast is now on the last Saturday of the month!




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