GW1 Issue 118 – We Make Quite a Team


This past weekend Marvel’s The Defenders premiered on Netflix. Of course we watched the entire series and, of course, we’re letting you know what we thought about it. Sure, we get a bit spoilery, but this time around the series is only eight episodes, so you’ve had plenty of time to watch it already! We also chat a bit about horror movies, as well as comic shops and the current state of the comicbook industry. 


Digressions – sequels vs reboots (Gremlins, Flatliners, IT), we find out the guys aren’t fans of horror movies; joys of comic shop sales, 2016 numbers for comicbook and graphic novel sales

NewsDeadpool 2 stunt death, Obi-Wan movie in development, possible a Jabba the Hutt movie, Shazam as the next DC movie, Barbara will be back on Gotham, Galaxy Quest show moving forward on Amazon

The Defenders review – which of the other Marvel series should you watch first, how well the plot works, establishing the relationships we expect from the comics, the history of The Hand, setting up the beginnings of the next seasons for each series, post-credits trailer




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