GW1 Issue 89 – Look Who’s Two!

Happy Anniversary to us! Somehow, someway we’ve made it to the two year mark. So we have a bunch of friends with us at The Malted Meeple to celebrate. And the cake was not a lie! Of course, we’re chatting a bit of news and goings on, but then we get into some of our favorite geek movie franchises. 

  • How did we manage to get this far?
  • What we’ve been doing and what’s coming up – update from Groundhog Day Gaming Retreat, all the Oddmalls
  • News – DNA court case, NYT dropping comics best seller lists, Han Solo filming, RZA directing an Iron Fist episode, RIP John Hurt, series 10 is the last for the 12th Doctor
  • Movie franchises – Alien, Predator, Blade, Indiana Jones, The Librarians, Terminator, Matrix, Lord of the Rings 



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