GW1 Issue 72 – Heavy Hitters at the Movies

In this month’s Meeplecast, we cover the final quarter of movies for 2016 – there may not be many, but there are a few big ones. We have Karington with us too sharing Malted Meeple news and we have some updates about a few comic tv shows.  

  • Malted Meeple update from Karington, including news of exclusive play testing for Dead of Winter expansion
  • What we’ve been up to – Kylan and Dawn met some legends at a local comic con, Ken, Vicky and Bart found monsters in Minerva
  • News – Luke Cage hits Netflix and NY is planning a concert for it, return of Deathlock teased for Arrow, Agents of SHIELD ratings (and a Ghost Rider discussion)
  • Fourth quarter movies – what we’re looking forward to seeing the next few months
  • Don’t forget: Oddmall (Toledo) is October 15-16 and booths are still available!


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