GW1 Issue 123 – A Haunted Pirates Life For Me


What is Geek Watch One up to now? Remember that haunted house and pirate ship that we talked about last issue? Well, guess who decided to go on a little adventure and visit the place? Does Ken scare easily?  Did Kylan remember his proton pack? Did Andy get the bejeezus scared out of him? Guess you’ll have to listen to find out!

Who are the people behind the haunted house and pirate ship and what is their story? These questions and more get answered! It involves chance meetings, props, a long meeting, and pirates, of course!!

Who are they helping? Remember last week we mentioned that ALL of the proceeds from the house and ship goes to St Jude Children’s Hospital. It is an awesome charity and hits close to home for Geek Watch One, so, how could we not support it?

 Is that second podcast that I’m hearing? Maybe, but you’ll have to listen to find out who and how they figure in with all of the crazy.



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