GW1 Issue 121 – Here There Be Dragons


Ever wondered what it’s like to attend one of the largest pop culture conventions in the world? Well Kylan, Miss Dawn and Jessie are back from the fun of Dragon Con, where they partied down with about 90,000 of their closest friends. There is so much to share! Plus, there’s an Oddmall this weekend and we have updates on what’s going down at Derby Downs. And, of course, there’s some geek news from the past week, including a couple of show cancellations. 


Oddmall: Rubber City Rumpus is this weekend in Akron! Ride a soap box car down the big hill at Derby Downs, check out the local bands performing live all day, get into the costume contests, show us what you’ve got at the open mike
Oddmall: Hallowonderous is coming up next month! Lots of panels to enjoy including talks on steampunk, the paranormal, gaming and more
NewsClass cancellation confirmed; Dark Matter cancelled but Killjoys lives on; Disney pulling Star Wars and Marvel movies from Netflix; Stargate streaming service; Hunter returns to Agents of SHIELD; writer/director chosen for X-Force movie; pop-up fandom cafes
All the Dragon Con – the fun of traversing a con spread across five hotels, well-behaved geeks, official and unofficial events (Pie tasting!), range of tracks and panels, so much cosplay




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