GW1 Issue 135 – Happy Beeps


Not so long ago in an Outpost that’s pretty nearby… that’s right, we’re talking The Last Jedi this week. Yes, there are spoilers, but fans will have seen the movie already anyway! But before we get to what we thought of the movie, there was a lot of news in the geek world over the past week. We have some snippets you may have missed and we also talk the big Disney/Fox deal and what it means for some of our favorite properties. 


What we’ve been up to

NewsPunisher season 2, Bright on Netflix, Slaughterhouse Five tv series, Witcher series coming to Netflix, Anansi Boys radio play on Christmas, She-Ra reboot on Netflix, Vindicators comic, resolution in SDCC trademark case

Disney buying Fox – properties the deal includes, what it could mean for Marvel and other franchises

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – what we thought of it, how well the story worked, evolution of the mythology, new creatures and characters




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