GW1 Issue 138 – Great Big Universe


It seems like every property wants to create a universe these days. After all, it’s been a massive success for Marvel, with the MCU, tv shows, animated series and comics all connecting in some way. DC is floundering a bit, but making the attempt. And there are others too, like the Wizarding World, Kaijus and repeatedly failing Dark Universe. So we have plenty to talk about this week. Plus, there have been interesting developments on the movie front, with some big titles shifting release dates and announcements about long-awaited productions. 


What we’ve been up to – delayed sweet Christmas for Kylan, reading goals, Amazon previews

News – trailers for Krypton, Altered Carbon and Teen Titans Go! movie; new release dates for Gambit, New Mutants and Deadpool 2; Snowpiercer series order; Enola Holmes movie series; Kitty Pryde movie in development; Marvel is finally making a Black Widow movie

Universes – What qualifies as an entertainment universe? How has Marvel made such a success of it and why can’t others catch up? What universes are there outside of comic-based ones? Is fan service really such a bad thing?




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