GW1 Issue 93 – Getting Timey Wimey

It’s our monthly Meeplecast and we have a full house at The Malted Meeple. Andy shares some news about an awesome new event happening at the May Oddmall in Akron, we get into a bit of geek news and then it’s time to chat tv, with an emphasis on time travel shows. 

Updates – Con on the Cob meeting, local gaming shop, mass wedding/vow renewal at Oddmall
News – farewell to Bill Paxton, Deadpool 2 filming updates, New Mutants movie, Bob’s Burgers album
Non-super shows we loveTimeless (with spoilers for the season finale), 12 Monkeys, Time After Time (premiering soon), Frequency, Doctor Who (season premiere in April), Westworld, Game of Thrones, Vikings (more season finale spoilers)



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