GW1 Issue 117 – Experiencing the Experience


This week, as a matter of convenience, we recorded “on location” at an exclusive little café in Summit County (ok, it was a Panera). We have some geek news, an update on the awesomeness to come with the Rubber City Rumpus and a bit of DC and Marvel news. Plus, Jessie just returned from a trip abroad where she toured the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales, so she’s sharing details with us. 


What we’re up to – camping and the great outdoors, catching up on classics

News – Netflix buys Millarworld, Neuromancer movie finds new director, Cowboy Ninja Viking movie, Despicable Me franchise on top

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Oddmall Rubber City Rumpus coming up in one month

Doctor Who Experience – checking out the memorabilia from both the classic and current series

DC and Marvel updates



Oddmall: Rubber City Rumpus, September 16-17, Akron, Ohio

Pics from the Doctor Who Experience


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