GW1 Issue 77 – Double D Down on Halloween

Time for our monthly Meeplecast and it’s Halloween! Instead of the horror movie chats you’ll find pretty much everywhere, we’re talking about Halloween television specials – from the classic to the unexpected. We’ve also got some Meeple news, a Deadpool update and a serious discussion about recent bullying on Twitter. 

  • Kylan gives us the reason for the season… or at least why he’s been counting down
  • Malted Meeple news – ExtraLife half-marathon is this weekend
  • Deadpool Download – Miller drops out as director, but they have a great replacement
  • Social media bullying and the Chelsea Cain incident
  • Halloween specials – Charlie Brown, Muppets, Grinch, Daniel Mouse, Claymation, Roseanne, Simpsons, Ghostwatch (UK), Community, Supernatural, Bob’s Burgers
  • Don’t forget, Con on the Cob is only a week away! There are lots of panels to attend and so much gaming!



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