GW1 Issue 115 – Copious Quantities of Comic-Con


It’s our monthly Malted Meeple issue and our buddy Marcus Calvert decided to join us. By now you’ve heard (and seen) a lot of what came out of Comic-Con International (aka San Diego Comic-Con or SDCC), but we want to make sure you know about some of the cool stuff that was a bit more under the radar. Sure, we have details about the big Marvel and DC properties, but we also have some TV and comicbook news you might have missed.


Trailers – we run through the TV and movie trailers released at SDCC and chat about some tidbits from Stranger Things, West World, Doctor Who, Happy, American Horror Story, Stargate Origins, Bright, DC shows

News from SDCCRobotech live action movie, no X-Men crossover for The Gifted, Legion “experience”, X-Men Grand Design comics

MarvelThe Defenders panel, including talk of costumes, teamwork and villains; Captain Marvel concept art and plot details; Avengers Infinity War leaked trailer; Women in Comics panel; Avengers Assemble with Black Panther

DCAquaman movie details and concept art; Justice League team alignment; Teen Titans TV show; animated film announcements (Gotham By Gaslight, Suicide Squad, Death/Return of Superman); Freedom Fighters – The Ray series; Young Justice: Outsiders 

More News – Warner Bros panel, with Blade Runner 2049 timeline and experience, and Ready Player One trailer Easter eggs; new volume of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; Big Hero 6 series on Disney XD; Bob’s Burgers Christmas special and fan-drawn season premiere; Wayward Sisters casting; Eisner Awards


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