GeekDig Podcast, Episode 77: Who Doesn’t Like Boobies?

Todd is off searching for the world’s perfect chimichangas, so tonight Clint is joined by none other than the amazing Mark Bogner, host of the Tangent Bound Podcast and supreme overlord of the Tangent Bound Network! Tangents abound as we talk about scaling back at work, Tarzan yells at Church, Kylan & Ken, moving to Ohio, first tattoos, Mom’s wooden spoon, sibling rivalries, Deadpool love, only Ryan Reynolds can be Deadpool, Deadpool bitch slaps Wolverine (link below), boobies, Keira Knightley, we love Podcasting, we love Grant, Con On The Cob, Star Wars Theory, COTC love, Clint could live in Ohio, missing Stranger Conversations, upcoming plans, closings and plugs.

Find Mark & Tangent Bound Network at:
Twitter: @TangentBoundPC

Deadpool The Game – Press X To Bitch Slap Wolverine:

(Bitch Slap Starts At 1:01)

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