Episode 14: Ringing the Diggle’s Doorhell : The Creation of the Perfect Sandwich

To put on a sandwich or not to put on a sandwich? That is truly the most time honored and sacred of questions. What even constitutes a sandwich? No, we aren’t joking; we take our sandwiches as seriously as we take our games. Do you feel lemon zest will bring out the flavor of your tuna salad? Will armageddon break out over the battle between Miracle Whip and Mayonnaise? It’s all part of the elusive search for the perfect, defined sandwich.

Shout out to The Club: A Sandwich Podcast as the inspiration for our sandwich exploration, and we are proud to announce we are now a part of the WeBeGeeks Podcast network! For more geeky-related podcast content, check it out at: http://www.webegeekspc.com.

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