Doctor Who Dark Journey – The Age of Banishment

tumblr_static_6rloqudkwgw0ck0wwoo0k00gk“What would the demented woman have said to you Holmes?”

Holmes faces his tragic upbringing as the illuminatos spirits taunt him with the sadness of the past. The moment in which ‘Sherlock Holmes’ hero of London was forged from pain and despair.

As the shadows close around them The Doctor is faced to confront his own past. His shame and torment, the dark Gallifreyan days of ‘The Time of the Banishment’.

And as the whispering shadows torment our heroes with the horror of past times what gift does Cassandra have for The Doctor when the sacrifice of innocence brings them together for the final time?

Doctor Who Dark Journey is a production of AM Audio Media. Series 2 runs every Saturday June 13 – August 1 on the internets most popular fandom podcasts including Gallifrey Stands, The Geeko,The Droids Canada,WhoWars, Geek Watch One, Timey Wimey Tea Time, Drinking In The Park andThe Tangent Bound Network.

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Doctor Who Meets Sherlock Holmes


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