Doctor Who Dark Journey – Lost Souls

tumblr_static_3nbw8j4uf5q8okg4so0okc4k4As the darkness gives way to light the Doctor discovers that his journey is over but a new one is about to begin.

As old friends gather on Baker Street, a battle scarred Sherlock Holmes, intelligence and bravery still intact but world view forever changed, wrestles with the darkest question of all…

“Doctor, in the chamber, were you possessed by that dark beast?”

cd01Doctor Who Dark Journey is a production of AM Audio Media. Series 2 runs every Saturday June 13 – August 1 on the internet’s most popular fandom podcasts including Gallifrey Stands, The Geeko, We Be GeeksThe Droids CanadaWhoWars, Geek Watch One, Timey Wimey Tea Time, Drinking In The Park and The Tangent Bound Network.

For the fans, by the fans. Follow the Doctor … Into darkness on itunestwitter and facebook.

Doctor Who: Dark Journey – The New Wholock Audio Drama from AM Audio Media broadcast on We Be Geeks. 




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