DC Superpowers Podcast -Issue 73

Welcome back to the DC Superpowers Podcast issue #73. This week your Dynamic Duo of Junior Justice Leaguers have returned with all of the news, reviews and previews from around the multiverse.

This week starts with some sad news as we have lost another legendary writer/ creator, Len Wein passed away at age 69. We take a look back at his career in comics.

Then we look at TV news from Supergirl, Titans and Arrow.

In movie news, Suicide Squad 2 gets a director and Matthew Vaughn is in talks to direct Man of Steel 2. In the rumor mill, We may have an idea why Deathstroke is not in “The Batman” and Justice League may have up to 2 post credit scenes.

And in comic news, Batman/TMNT 2 is coming in Dec.

Now it is time for our comic reviews for 9/6/17:

  1. Green Arrow #30
  2. Green Lanterns #30
  3. Superman #30

And to finish the show we take our weekly trip to the comic shop for the 9/20/17 pull list:

  1. Superman #31
  2. Batman: Red Death #1
  3. Nightwing #29
  4. Aquaman #28
  5. Batman #31
  6. Batwoman #7
  7. Green Arrow #31
  8. Green Lanterns #31
  9. Harley Quinn #28
  10. Justice League #29
  11. Super Sons #8
  12. Trinity #13
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