DC Superpowers Podcast – Issue 72

Your Dynamic Duo of Junior Justice Leaguers have returned with issue 72. Join us as we discuss all of the news, reviews and previews from all around the multiverse.

This week we start by looking at a PSA poster from 1949 and how relevant it is still today. Then we talk about Brenton Thwaites being cast as Dick Grayson in the new Titans show and Melissa Benoist playing a non-supergirl voice roll in “Freedom Fighters: The Ray.”

In Justice League movie news, fans have found proof that we will be seeing Superman in his black suit in the movie and we look at how much influence Joss Wheden has had on the movie.

Next there is a new promo video of Etta Candy discussing her memories of Diana from the Wonder Woman movie.

We wrap up the movie news by looking at the new writer for Justice League Dark, Hasbro is suing DC over Bumblebee and there are two actors rumored to be fighting for the roll of Shazam.

In comic book news, Batman is reading Rorschach’s book in preview art for “The Doomsday Clock”

Next we review these books for Aug 23, 2017:

  1. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.#27
  2. Manhunter Special #1

And we finish with our comic shop previews for Sept. 6, 2017:

  1. Harley Quinn #27
  2. Green Lanterns #30
  3. Nightwing #28
  4. Batman #30
  5. Cyborg #16
  6. Deathstroke #23
  7. Green Arrow #23
  8. Justice League #28
  9. Superman #30
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