DC Superpowers Podcast – Issue 67

Your Dynamic Duo of Junior Justice Leaguers are back with Issue 67 of DCSP. Join us as we discuss all of the news, reviews and previews from around the Multiverse. This week we look at the news that has come out since Comic-Con.We start with TV news from Gotham, Legends of Tomorrow and the Flash. We also learn the name of one of the writers on Teen Titans.

In movie news, Joe Maganiello is talking about Deathstroke and we take a look at the Justice League reshoots.

Next in Comic news, there are more details about Bryan Hitch leaving Justice League and Dan Didio is talking about legacy numbering and some of the big anniversary issues that are coming soon.

Then in our reviews for 7/19/17:

  1. Batman #27
  2. Green Arrow #27

And we finish with our Comic Shop Previews for 8/2/17:

  1. Green Arrow #28
  2. Batman #28
  3. Cyborg #15
  4. Deathstroke #22
  5. Green Lanterns #28
  6. Justice League #26
  7. Nightwing#26
  8. Superman #28

Honorable Mention

  1. The New Gods Special #1
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