Coin Operated 190: Littlest Lumber Jack

Lumber Jack

Brian has embraced his new Nickname given to him by our YouTube buddy isuckcalfmuscles; The Littlest Lumber Jack. With that new nickname he will try and grow his beard as big as he can because the harsh winter days of Florida are coming. Bringing in these Winter Days were the Thanksgiving and Black Friday where the boys went and saw family. They did a little Black Friday shopping online and traveled for the majority of it.


What Nerd Podcast isn’t complete with out a little talk about the Avengers Infinity Trailer where Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast talk about it as well. We see Bearded Cap which is awesome because Chris Evans looks hot in a beard, Scarlet Johansson as a Blonde Widow  and the biggest question question what is up with Thanos. We mostly talk about that because we know everyone has over analyzed and we don’t want to be those guys.



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