Coin Operated 189: California Love

California Love

California is where Cody came back from his trip. He went to have fun at Disneyland especially on Mr. Toads’ Wild Ride. He also walked in the Super Hero Races being held that weekend.

The main draw of Disneyland compared to Disney World is the older rides and the more compact park. He really enjoyed how everything was in a smaller space and the seamless blend of each land.

Beer and Brian

While Cody was in California, Brian stuck around in Orlando and got his beer on for the Orlando Beer Fest. He got the VIP to be able to drink early and enjoy some of the best beers before they ran out. His favorite Beer was a Peanut butter and chocolate Porter and he hated the #whitegirlwasted pumpkin spice.




Justice League and Battle Front

We liked Justice League but hate EA. Like everyone else we joined the hating EA bandwagon. We talk about how EA a publicly traded company could care less about upsetting people and because they only answer to their stock holder.

Justice League was great. We enjoyed the movie because it was a pretty simple Super Hero Flick.

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