Coin Operated 187: Out of Control

Out of Control

After a few weeks off, Brian and Cody catch up with all the out of control fandoms. We start off on 10/29 with the madness of the SNES Classic release. After that it was out to Tampa for MegaCon and beer. Brian enjoyed and reviewed his experience for that weekend including the can’t miss Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.

Fandom Hell

One of the themes we noticed at Megacon Tampa and in general was the amount of Funko Pop and Rick & Morty things everywhere. McDonald’s released the fabled Szechuan Sauce and the Rabid Rick & Morty fans went crazy. They are not a smart fan base.


Video Games

We talk about Cuphead and how much the style and  hardness make it a great game. Brian Talks about how much he joy he is going through playing the SNES classic especially Super Mario Land.

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