Coin Operated 186: The Throne

This week Cody called out but never fear Matt is here is fill in his Throne.

Throne of TV

We talk about our experiences with the all mighty Rickmobile, that made a pit stop in Orlando. By the way it was a crazy experience for both of them. Each one both agree lines suck.

Throne of Comics

After the Rickmobile came the Jason Aaron signing. Brian had to work most of it since it was at his job but Matt was able to experience the fastpass line. They talk about how Jason Aaron is different from what he looks like and is the most badass comic writer the both know. 

Throne of Smut

Matt and Brian go head to head for the king of Smut. Both dabble in the realm of the messed up ideas because they are messed up. They include Elvis, octopuses, poop and more.


Lastly big thanks to Matt for coming on and filling in for Cody because this was a week not to miss.

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