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The Weekly Jump 144 – Three Grumpy Old Men and a Game

The Weekly Jump 144 – Three Grumpy Old Men and a Game


We kick off talking about what real life items should be cross platform….because guess what Xbox is going full blown cross platform support….TO ALL AND FOREVER AND EVER! Than we talk about some adventure through Windows 10. Gears of War 4 has an open beta coming to Xbox soon and our woes of what has become of KOTOR and the likes. Diablo 2 gets patched and we lose our minds at the new System Shock alpha footage and how awesome it looks! Fallout 4 Automatron DLC gets its first trailer and our hype begins to build for the impending robot fights! Battle Chasers is looking fantastic and you should check out the latest trailer! Total War: Warhammer reveals the secret vampire race as the war begins! Than we let our inner child shine through at the new footage of TMNT!

Like being young and bitter free? THAN GET OFF OUR LAWN!

Weekly Line Up of 3-15-16 – Furi Boss Footage – New Oddworld Revealed – Mirror’s Edge Mag Rope – 100ft Robot Golf – Beacon Reveal – Nioh Closed Footage Revealed – Battle Chasers: Nightwar Trailer 2 – Diablo 2 Patch – Xbox Cross Play – System Shock Alpha Footage – Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Reveal Trailer – TMNT Release Date

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    The Weekly Jump 143 – To the Jessica Nigri Subreddit!

    The Weekly Jump 143 – To the Jessica Nigri Subreddit!

    And that was how our whole audience left us!

    We kick off talking of some real life de-buffs and buffs as we then kick off to the Division launch as talk about the launch woes and some of the really cool things that are going on with this new title. Paragon from Epic Games is going into early access and then the unfortunate news of Lionhead Studios shutting down. Gears of War 4 has been revealed as well as the main characters and some of the story. STRAFE is still hype as hell and you should go play that demo! Blue Rider is an intense twin stick shooter that James has dived into and it sounds pretty damn hype as hell! We look into what is going on with the Bear Simulator fiasco and breakdown from both angles what could have led to this. Abduction is the new Myst successor that people have been waiting for! We reflect on another editor leaving Bioware and wonder what will become of Mass Effect: Andromeda. We talk of video game writing and its influence during development and what can make it good or really horrible! Night Cry is the spiritual successor to Clock Tower and I really hope it is good!


    Weekly Line Up of 3-08-16 – Nioh Footage – Blue Rider Review – No Man’s Sky Launch Date – Night Cry Release Date Revealed – Paragon Early Access – The Division Year One Content and Data-mined – Bear Simulator Calls it Quits – Fable Legends Cancelled and Lionhead getting the Boot MGS Fan Project Cancelled – STRAFE Gameplay Trailer – Another Leaves Bioware – How To Love The Souls and various other gameplay shown.

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      The Weekly Jump 142 – SUPER HOT FATES OF SOULS

      The Weekly Jump 142 – SUPER HOT FATES OF SOULS

      Most metal title you will ever read!

      We talk about the most hours dropped into a game and than completely feel ashamed of ourselves! We take a look at what is going down with Bioware as the all have almost completely jumped ship. We talk of the new updates of Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter…now with pets! Vampyr has some new screenshots and story details as we get pumped for actual vampires! SUPER HOT is absolutely amazing and you should buy it! Rocket League has got some Batman vs Superman packs coming and that game is still amazing! Carmaggedon is coming back folks! Cody breaks down what he likes about his adventures into Fire Emblem Fates and why Conquest will make you hurt yourself in anger! Pokemon Sun and Moon has been revealed and god knows how many more Pokemon is coming! Necropolis and Dark Souls 3 got information galore as the masochism in us all has begun to awaken!

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      Weekly Line Up of 3-1-16 – SUPER HOT – Vampyr New Screenshots and Story – Call of Cthulu Returns – Necropolis – Dark Souls 3 Embargo lifts and new Trailer “Shadows Ahead” – Psycho Pass Mandatory Happiness – New Carmeggedon – Pokemon Sun and Moon Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter Updates – What is going down at Bioware?

      So Leo won an Oscar – Rocket League goes Batman vs. Superman

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        The Weekly Jump 141 – Aftermath of PGDS 2016

        The Weekly Jump 141 – Aftermath of PGDS 2016

        WE DO IT!

        We kick off with our favorite moments of PGDS 2016 as we try to not cry at the mental pain…for the kids! System Shock 3 has pulled Warren Spector into the zone of Shodan once more as he join in on making the space fear return! KOTOR Fan Remake is happening and we are so happy and upset it will probably be cancelled! Fallout 4 DLC has been revealed and we are so pumped to build a robot, make a museum of taxidermy statues, and a whole new island mystery of synth proportions! Far Cry Primal has a rather interesting advertisement method as we talk of how we feel about the new entry into the series. Grim Dawn is finally done this Thursday and it is looking pretty smooth. Street Fighter V  is pretty damn fun and the fists are starting to fly in full speed now that more of servers are being fixed! We take a look at The Division beta and what we love and dislike about it as we count down the days till launch. Chris snaps inside as he breaks down why the censorship of the new Fire Emblem game really makes his jimmies rustle in full power!


        Weekly Line Up of 2-23-16

        PGDS 2016 VICTORY!

        The Division Open Beta Stories – Street Fighter V Stories and Impressions – Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness – Carmageddon: Max Damage Coming to Consoles – Geek Chorus vs. Fantastic Four – System Shock 3 Familiar Dev Returns – Far Cry Primal Gaming Set Up and What we think of the game – Fallout 4 First DLC revealed – KOTOR Remade – Fear the Immortals!

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          The Weekly Jump 140 – Street Fight for our Pizza Hut Sponser

          The Weekly Jump 140 – Street Fight for our Pizza Hut Sponser


          We talk about what pizza toppings we would want to give the TMNT and just all structure falls apart. The new TMNT game shows off some Leonardo game play as he cuts apart some Foot Clan members. Quantum Break is coming to PC on Windows 10 as we try to imagine it as the Alan Wake 2 it should be! We take a little in depth look into the recent Firewatch controversy and our take on it. We show slight worry and excitement at The Walking Dead: Michonne miniseries as we reflect on what we disliked about season two. We talk about the really awesome cyber punk game Dex and why you should buy it! Clandestine interview is up and we kick into the launch for Street Fighter V as we talk about how cool it is while we wait for the servers to finally work because day launch problems ahoy! Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator is coming world wide soon and that trailer is still amazing! THAN PGDS 2016 IS HAPPENING!

          Like pizza hut? Like Street Fighter? Like TMNT?

          Weekly Line Up of 2-16-16

 – The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 1

 – Guilty Gear for all!

 – Dungeons 2 Reveal Trailer

 – Dex Coming to Consoles

 – Titanfall 2 Toys!

 – Quantum Break Coming to PC

 – Clandestine Review

 – P.A.M.E.L.A Trailer

 – Dark Souls 3 Kingdom of Lothric Trailer


 – XCOM 2 Talks

 – Firewatch Talk

 – KOTOR From the Fans

 – Fallout 4 Season 1 DLC

 – WHY!?

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            The Weekly Jump 139 – Shepard: The Final Bone

            The Weekly Jump 139 – Shepard: The Final Bone

            “And this is my favorite DLC on the Citadel!”

            We kick off talking about the best class ranking in a video game and how stupid they are! We start off by going into how amazingly hype XCOM 2 is and all the changes that have occurred, from concealment, panic meters, and many new enemies and other cool stuff! Petah goes into the psychosis that has haunted his mind known as The Witness and brings back old memories of Myst and other puzzle brain hurting things! We than go into the various cool and bad things of Rise of the Tomb Raider as we play talk of tombs and obscene murders! Fallout 4 has got some new updates and we are all sharing some creepy stories. Digimon Cyber Sleuth is a really damn good  game and you should play it to hide your anger at Fire Emblem Fates not having a Japanese audio option! Final Fantasy Dissidia still looks pretty as all hell! Arcadian Atlas is a rather interesting and beautiful little game approaching on Kickstarter that you should look at! DOOM LAUNCH TRAILER AND RELEASE DATE! Street Fighter V story trailer is out and the hype is real!  Onimusha might be getting a reboot of the series! Mind’s Eye Theater has a fully funded kick starter and it sounds like it might be interesting!

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            Weekly Line Up of 2-9-16

   – Possible Onimusha return

   – Dark Souls 3 The Ashen Judge Fight Leaked

   – For the King interview

   – The Park Review

   – DOOM Campaign Trailer

   – More Battleborn Heroes!

   – XCOM 2 Talk

   – Undertale: Who Is Chara?

   Some Dissidia Footage

   – Stop Tearing Fire Emblem Up!

   – Arcadian Atlas Trailer

   – Mind’s Eye Theater: Werewolf

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              The Weekly Jump 138 – Reacting to the Apocalypse of Wolf Chaos

              The Weekly Jump 138 – Reacting to the Apocalypse of Wolf Chaos

              I swear all the things in the title happen!

              WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE APOCALYPSE!? So that’s how we start off this Weekly Jump! We leap into The Division beta and talk of how it kind of has our attention and might be pretty cool to play with some friends as we discuss the story and scenario of the game. We cry a bit more over the release of the free expansion of This War of Mine: The Little Ones and we mourn over the horrible war stories that have plagued Petah in his time of playing. Than we laugh and point at the Fine Bros as they basically sabotage themselves in a little incident that just occurred. We talk about the very depressing story of Rouge Ant Simulator and what may come from it. The new Friday the 13th game sounds really frigging awesome and we hope it will not blow up in our faces! Dark Souls 3 looks so fantastic and oh my god when IS IT COMING OUT!? DID YOU ALL SEE THE NEW FINAL FANTASY 15 GAMEPLAY!? GO WATCH IT! ITS SO GOOD! BRING BACK METAL WOLF CHAOS!


              Weekly Line Up of 2-2-16

              The Witness and Dragon’s Dogma

     – Talk of the Division

     = This War of Mine The Little Ones Launches

     – Warhammer 40K The Eternal Crusade Revealed

     – Black Desert Story Trailer and Launch Date


     – Final Fantasy Nilfheim Base Attack

     – Conan Open World Game

     – Dark Souls 3 new Screenshots and some Lore Revealed

     – Friday the 13th Sounds Awesome

     – Rouge Ant Simulator Woes

     – Watch The Fine Bros Subscriber Count Fall!

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                The Weekly Jump 137 – Salt, Dashes, and Bushidos

                The Weekly Jump 137 – Salt, Dashes, and Bushidos

                We kick off to talking about balls literally being exposed on Stream as we revisit some of out most bizarre online interactions. We discuss what is going down with the new Hitman game as we scratch our heads at it. Mighty No 9 is delayed once again and Chris has flipped all the tables in his home! NOOZh is a rouge like horror game that has grabbed the HD1J crew by their inner greatest fears! Resident Evil 0 has launched and it looks really god damn awesome! Mortal Kombat XL is a new game coming to X1 and PS4 and not PC! Street Fighter V has a story that looks absolutely insane and so awesome! ESPN is gonna be showing Smash soon and its quite an interesting turn. New Overwatch beta is coming at us soon as we attempt to break our way into the beta! Dark Souls is getting a comic series and Chris is finally happy on this episode! Platinum has finally revealed their TMNT title and hype is in full swing!

                Like nightmares? Like salt? Like hype? Than subscribe!

                Weekly Line Up of 1-26-16

       – Street Fighter V Story Trailer

       – NOOZh

       – The Park Interview

       Overwatch New Beta Options

       – Resident Evil 0 Launch

       – Haiku Warrior

       – Fuck you Mortal Kombat Extra Large and WB!

       – Blizzard has money!

       – Dark Souls getting a comic series!

       – What is up with Hitman?


       – Valkyrie Chronicles Remastered

       – TMNT Platinum Launch Trailer

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                  The Weekly Jump 136 – When Matts Attack!

                  The Weekly Jump 136 – When Matts Attack!

                  We could not hold back his strength!

                  We kick off talking about side characters that should have their own games, than Sinblade723 goes on a limb to explain what the hell the new Dangonronpa game that is coming to PC soon! James talks about how much life must suck being a train conductor in the zombie apocalypse! James questions how sad can life get in the game That Dragon Cancer as we apologize for giving James all the depressing stuff to write about. We look into a bit of what the hell is going with the new Hitman game and its releases schedule, than Pokken tournament is coming to west in March! Matt talks about Star Trek Timelines all up in your phones! We talk of how hype the Capcom and Epic Games team up is as we lose our minds over Street Fighter 5. Goat Simulator and Payday 2 are crossing over and it is glorious! Dragon’s Dogma is on PC and it is so amazing! Platinum has some leaked screenshots of their new TMNT game it looks so good! DOOM has a new level out of left field from John Romero! Dark Souls has a comic series coming in April and Sinblade723 cannot stop shaking in fear and excitement!


                  Weekly Line Up of 1-19-16

         – Dangonronpa Coming to Steam

         – Final Station Reveal

         – That Dragon Cancer First Look

         – Hitman Special Edition and Release Format

         – Western Release Date

         – Star Trek Timelines hits Mobile

         – Capcom and Epic Games Unite

         – Goat Simulator Payday

         – Dragon’s Dogma on PC is so good

         – Screenshots of Platinum’s TMNT

         – New Doom Level

         – Dark Souls Comic Series

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