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GeekDig Podcast, Episode 81:  The Wrath Of Con

GeekDig Podcast, Episode 81: The Wrath Of Con

It’s Con Season, and Clint & Todd have been busy little geeks! They catch up & share about their experiences at Lexington Comic Con, Columbus Toy Con & C2E2, then get a little bit into Batman vs Superman, Clint opening up to Ben Affleck, friendly Kickstarters, moist suckling, then closings & plugs.

Caliber Comics’ The Shepherd Kickstarter:

No Gravity Studios’ Light-Earth #2 Kickstarter:

Ben Miller’s Judges: The Graphic Novel Kickstarter:

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    GeekDig Podcast, Episode 80: Rob Wieland’s Girls’ Heist Out

    Todd is fending off a zombie invasion in the Basement Of Doom, so joining this episode is tabletop game creator & comic book writer, Rob Wieland! Rob joins to talk about Girls’ Heist Out, his comic currently in Kickstarter! We talk about the inception & origins, and how the project came to be, as well as C2E2, adapting to film, Kickstarter rewards, and much more!

    To find out more about Rob & Girls’ Heist Out:
    Twitter: @robowieland

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      GeekDig Podcast, Episode 79:  Jeff Saamanen’s Lost Hope

      GeekDig Podcast, Episode 79: Jeff Saamanen’s Lost Hope

      Todd is off at Lexington Comic Con, and joining this episode is Jeff Saamanen, the creative genius & Director of the upcoming animated sci-fi animated series, Lost Hope. We chat about the show, Kickstarter, the card game, talent, integration, and more!

      You can find Jeff & Lost Hope at the following:
      Web Site:
      Twitter: @LostHopeSeries

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        GeekDig Podcast, Episode 78: Down The Rabbit Hole

        Well, we finally did it… we’ve fallen down the YouTube Rabbit Hole. After some brain farts, con talk and recaps of our weeks, we brave the deep & dark chasm that is the YouTube Rabbit Hole. Once we climb out, we share announcements & plugs.

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          GeekDig Podcast, Episode 77: Who Doesn’t Like Boobies?

          Todd is off searching for the world’s perfect chimichangas, so tonight Clint is joined by none other than the amazing Mark Bogner, host of the Tangent Bound Podcast and supreme overlord of the Tangent Bound Network! Tangents abound as we talk about scaling back at work, Tarzan yells at Church, Kylan & Ken, moving to Ohio, first tattoos, Mom’s wooden spoon, sibling rivalries, Deadpool love, only Ryan Reynolds can be Deadpool, Deadpool bitch slaps Wolverine (link below), boobies, Keira Knightley, we love Podcasting, we love Grant, Con On The Cob, Star Wars Theory, COTC love, Clint could live in Ohio, missing Stranger Conversations, upcoming plans, closings and plugs.

          Find Mark & Tangent Bound Network at:
          Twitter: @TangentBoundPC

          Deadpool The Game – Press X To Bitch Slap Wolverine:

          (Bitch Slap Starts At 1:01)

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            GeekDig Podcast, Episode 76: Jedi Got The Blues

            Clint flies solo once again! After a kickass cover of “American Woman” by Devil’s Train, Clint talks about his breakup with Shelly, his options for a non-working PS4, work reviews, and the Countdown to the Cons! Short, simple & honest.

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              GeekDig Podcast, Episode 75: Chimichangas And Sexy Time

              This week, Skype attacks Clint & Todd with a vengeance, but they emerge victorious! The boys talk a little about their weeks, Todd’s Sexxapalooza weekend recap, Clint geeks out after he sees Deadpool, Clint buys a PS4, and a look into the XB1 vs PS4 Console War. Closings & plugs.

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                GeekDig Podcast, Episode 74: Touch Yourself Tonight

                Clint & Todd are coming at you from the Tin Can at Vengeful Studios! In this episode, we talk about missing each other, bad Lip Sync Battles, rescheduling dates, Deadpool cosplayers being douchebags, parents need to monitor their kids, disciplining the kids, Nazi management on the job, a little about the week, Clint bought some games, TV, Legends of Tomorrow, when our TV shows come back on the air, Clint’s golden globes, Sexapalooza, where has Ron Jeremy’s hand been, closings & plugs

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                  GeekDig Podcast, Episode 73:  Talking Dead With Melissa Hutchison

                  GeekDig Podcast, Episode 73: Talking Dead With Melissa Hutchison

                  This episode was a long time in the making, and it finally falls upon us like a zombie apocalypse! Clint & Todd are joined by amazing voice actress, Melissa Hutchison (a.k.a., Clementine of Telltale’s “The Walking Dead”, Trixie Trotter of “Back To The Future: The Game”, and many others). We talk about spoilers, voice acting, TV on our terms, the Con scene, video games, Portlandia, creating voices, and much more!

                  You can find Melissa at the following:
                  Twitter – @Melyhutch
                  Facebook –
                  Instagram – @melyhutch

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                    GeekDig Podcast, Episode 72:  Salvagers With Bob Salley

                    GeekDig Podcast, Episode 72: Salvagers With Bob Salley

                    In this episode, Todd & I are joined by independent comic book creator Bob Salley, and we talk about his series Salvagers, making enemies, slashing tires, revenge, creating comics, and other shenanigans!

                    Find Salvagers on Comixology, or find Bob at:

                    TWITTER: @Bob_Salley
                    SALVAGERS KICKSTARTER:

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                      GeekDig Podcast, Episode 71:  Judges, Assemble!

                      GeekDig Podcast, Episode 71: Judges, Assemble!

                      The team starts off unassembled, but Ben Miller returns to the mic to discuss the epic conclusion of his 4-book series, Judges! We also take a look at new projects, our paths nearly crossing pre-C2E2, our high school years, hating Statistics, Clint’s committing to watching Arrow… then Todd joins and brings the shenanigans! Clint geeks over a new guest, not being “Facebook Official” yet, how it all began, acting different around the friends, karaoke, obligatory Star Wars, directing Black Panther, Deadpool goes romantic, Wolverine & X-Men, do people want a kid-friendly Deadpool, kids are like tape recorders, children can sense evil, Clint brings religious downfall to his family, horror & what we find scary, damn clowns, he goes to every Con, more Judges talk, comics, the artwork needs to be on point, should we read Preacher or Walking Dead, playing Halo, searching Minecraft on PornHub, scaly Argonian boobs, going to a remote island but don’t forget the Wi-Fi, closings and plugs, the show that would not end.

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                        GeekDig Podcast, Episode 70:  Pushing The Boundaries Of Self-Play

                        GeekDig Podcast, Episode 70: Pushing The Boundaries Of Self-Play

                        Todd is back! After catching up, the guys talk about their weeks, PlayStation users are giant pervs, R.I.P., Angus Scrimm, Tales From The Crypt reboot, Twitch, closings & plugs.

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                          GeekDig Podcast, Episode 69:  The Reel Dudes

                          GeekDig Podcast, Episode 69: The Reel Dudes

                          Todd’s off celebrating his anniversary, so Clint is joined by Mason, movie & video game blogger at Reel Dude Reviews! We talk about Clint pimping out Monty Python, Pixar making dudes feel, lifting the Star Wars veil, creating the blog, our best & worst films of 2015, game to film adaptations, Kingdom Hearts III needs to get here already, playing PS4, streaming to Twitch, bring balance to online multiplayer games, Drunken Dork promo, more game talk, closings & plugs.

                          Check out Mason & Reel Dude Reviews!

                          Twitter: @reeldudereviews

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                            GeekDig Podcast, Episode 68: VengefulJedi, Lone Wolf

                            In this episode, you can’t keep a good Jedi down. Todd is celebrating his wedding anniversary, so Clint decides to go “lone wolf” and share about his recent hospital experience – becoming a human pin cushion, attempting to become superhuman, and some questionably sexy handling by Dr. Dick Toucher. Thank yous, 20 games that turn 20 in 2016, Gene Roddenberry decrypted, closings & plugs.

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                              GeekDig Podcast, Episode 67: Spanish Booby Lady

                              Thank you for a stellar 2015, and special thanks to Pure BS Podcast! In this year-end episode Clint & Todd talk about their weeks & celebrating Christmas, Clint starts his vaping, Clint reads Salvagers, The Force Awakens has a Blu-Ray release date, streaming The Beatles, studies say geeks are more likely to be narcissists, Todd’s 10 Worst Movies of 2015, the Spanish Booby Lady, Clint’s 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2016, what you can expect from GeekDig in 2016, closings & plugs. Happy New Year!

                              Otaku Gang, Life After Death Star:
                              Geek Narcissist Study:

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                                GeekDig Podcast, Episode 66: 2015, Year Of The Geek

                                As 2015 draws to a close, Clint & Todd reminisce over the Year Of The Geek. They talk about their weeks, transitioning from smoking to vaping, Clint’s crappy Star Wars spoiler, watching The Force Awakens, 2015 is the year of the geek, the top personal geekouts of 2015, remembering those who passed in 2015. Closing & plugs.

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                                  GeekDig Podcast, Episode 65: Autographing The Table

                                  Todd returns from the dead, making deals with Cthulhu, being sick, new glasses, Clint’s a lover & not a fighter, Todd sounds like Barry White (not Betty White), Fear fills in, Troy, Nerdcore (thanks Evan and Carissa), nymphish girls, no tiny girls for us, women on top, recording in the A.M., making people feel uncomfortable, autographing the table, spreading the love, farting in public, old lady farts, Shadow Complex Remastered, the great Peter David, Orson Scott Card, writing Ender’s Game, Star Wars, Todd don’t give a shit show Clint gives two, Star Wars fever, the Diabeetus, tower defense games, more Sam Jackson, Go The Fuck To Sleep, “Make It So, Make It So, Make It So,” Star Wars theater in Nebraska, Clint wants to operate the Death Star, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, hating the hipster tiny house fad, “Hobbit Houses”, Hobbit house living, shopping online vs in-store, Christmas plans, upcoming show plans, closings & plugs.

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                                    GeekDig Podcast, Episode 64: Cocaine In A Can, Baby!

                                    Todd is out sick, so Fear Innes (of FYFCast & FearCast) joins in for a chat. We talk about our weeks, riding the short bus, Pick & Ro, f**king in the parents’ house, Clint can’t like the Packers or Cubs, accomplice to the crime, forgetting to record, podcasting together, don’t watch Vacation, how the f**k has Chrystian not seen A Christmas Story, Christmas plans change, our pods ain’t kid-friendly, c**ts, self-censorship at work, FYFC Christmas Show, iTunes, losing listeners, Todd’s a good co-host, coming together (as a podcast), origins of FYFCast, listening to old shows, podcasting for self, geographical stats, FYFCast in Germany, GeekDig in France, the numbers, handling drugs, energy drinks & alcohol, T3, no issues with weed, just handle your s**t, anxiety & being claustrophobic, a different Con experience, how things come together, we love podcasters, texting and Clint goes on a date, save anal for the second date, Fear is lucky he’s not playing today’s dating games, Fear is Clint’s Wingman, soup & D to help her feel better, the first date is an interview, dating before the holidays, dodging Valentines Day, Clint’s curved hockey stick, the cut, Xbox has s**tty headsets, multiple podcasts, dropping the pods, ten bucks a handy, closings & plugs.

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