RUMOR: BLACK PANTHER To Start Shooting Next Year

Latino-Review scooper Elmayimbe is at it again, this time claiming to have in his possession a grid that reveals Marvel Studios’ plans to shoot Black Panther next year. While it’s not confirmed as of yet, hit the jump for further details! More

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    Whedon fires back at those ‘tawdry’ Avengers 2 budget rumors

    If you believe everything you read, it sounds like Avengers 2 is in jeopardy and half the cast could try and drop out due to pay-scale disputes. Heck, there’s even a rumor going around that director Joss Whedon stands to make $100 million by the time the big-budget sequel rolls around. So what does the man himself have to say about it all? More

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      Marvel names 3 surprising superheroes it wants to make movies about

      We already heard about Doctor StrangeBlack Panther and The Runaways, but what three othercharacters that are in development?

      Marvel has a lot of characters they can potentially bring to the big screen, so it’s not surprising that a lot of those heroes are being considered. What is surprising, though, are the specific choices. According to the Hollywood Reporter: More

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        Guardians Of The Galaxy: Enzo Cilenti Joins Cast

        Guardians of the Galaxy has apparently nabbed another cast member. — At least, that’s what the would-be cast member in question is claiming. British actor, Enzo, Cilenti recently took to Twitter to tease his apparent joining of the cast for Marvel’s big-screen space odyssey. More

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          ‘Avengers’ Cast And Stingy Marvel Ready To Rumble Over Sequel Cash & Strong-Arming

          Robert Downey Jr is set for another huge payday from a mega-hit Marvelmovie, this time Iron Man 3. I’ve learned he’s already made $35 million from the actioner, which grossed $680 million worldwide in its first 12 days. He should exceed his biggest payday to date — that $50M from The Avengerswhich I’ve learned was more like $70M-$80M now that the film is all in. But it’s reallyAvengers 2 where he’ll clean up big-time More

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   has released a first look at Chris Samnee’s cover for “Daredevil” #30 written by Mark Waid with interiors by Samnee, which features the appearance of the cosmically-powered Silver Surfer in the world of the Man Without Fear. More

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              Little-known sci-fi fact: Stan Lee wanted Marvel’s readers to HATE Iron Man

              “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.”

              In this fan-favorite line from last summer’s mega-blockbuster, The Avengers, Tony Stark describes how he is much more than just a man in a metal suit. Yet while Robert Downey Jr.’s delivery of the line demonstrates the character’s smartass charm, those qualities were originally written with a negative connotation for the character’s first comic book appearance. More

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                Merc With A Release Date: Deadpool

                The last time we mentioned the Deadpool game, we weren’t even sure that it was going to come out on anything other than soon-to-be previous generation consoles, but the recent announcement of a release date also confirmed a PC release. The game is out on June 25th or 28th – the exact time you can play it is dependent on your geographic position. Deadpool can saunter across the fourth wall with ease but it takes him ages to cross an ocean. He’s probably riding an inflatable rubber duck and using his own severed arm as an oar. It’s a third-person action game and I’ve popped a couple of videos below, one of which is a ‘gameplay trailer’, except it isn’t, because haHAHAHAHHA. More

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                  Five Marvel Heroes That Deserve Their Own Movie in Phase III

                  Black Panther – Do we really need to sell you on how freakin’ awesome it would be to see T’Challa on the big screen? We’ve already been introduced to Vibranium in the MCU, which is Wakanda’s principal export, so why not introduce us to its black-suited badass king too? In the hands of the right actor – *cough* Idris Elba *cough* – we think that Black Panther could quickly become a fan favorite and could easily anchor his own solo outing. If the guy landed Storm as his queen, do you really think he’s going to let a lack of brand recognition stop him? We didn’t think so. More

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                    C2E2: MARVEL: FROM NOW! TO INFINITY

                    Marvel’s epically named “From NOW! to Infinity” panel Saturday evening at C2E2 featured “Iron Man” and “Young Avengers” writer Kieron Gillen; “Thunderbolts” writer Charles Soule; editors Lauren Sankovitch, Ellie Pyle, and Jordan White; “Uncanny Avengers” mastermind Rick Remender; “Secret Avengers” writer Nick Spencer; and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort on hand to discuss the Marvel NOW! second wave launches and the summer crossover “Infinity” in which Thanos makes his play. Director of Communications Arune Singh moderated the discussion, which ranged from “Age of Ultron” to “Infinity” and… more. More

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                      So here’s how Whedon will bring Coulson back to life for S.H.I.E.L.D.

                      With the upcoming ABC series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Joss Whedon has pledged to bring back a fan-favorite character who bit the dust in The Avengers. But how’s he doing it?

                      The folks over at /Film claim to have the answer, thanks to a tipster with some insight into the pilot episode that was recently co-written and directed by Whedon. More

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                        There’s been lots of talk lately of ‘Iron Man 3‘ being the last of the Iron Man movies. And that may very well be a (sad) possibility. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the Iron Man universe. While promoting ‘Iron Man 3,’ star Don Cheadle talked about the very real chance that we’ll see a spinoff War Machine movie in the future. Cheadle even has some very definite ideas on what ‘War Machine’ would be all about. More

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                          Even without a shred of promotional material or preview clips, we remain fairly certain Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘ pilot will move forward with a full-season pickup at ABC. The network would very likely have a gold mine with a Joss Whedon-produced series tying into the blockbuster Marvel Cinematic universe, but what if ABC ultimately decides to pull the plug? Coulson himself, Clark Gregg talks about Phil’s future beyond ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ inside! More

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                            Bryan Singer Confirms Bishop and Warpath are in X-Men: Days of Future Past

                            Much of the cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past is made up of returning characters from the previous films, but a few of them are newcomers and some are still a mystery…until now. Director Bryan Singer posted a Vine video this morning showing off the personalized chairs for several of the characters in the film, and it was the inclusion of Bishop and Warpath that got our attention. More

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                              ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Teaser Trailer Unleashes the Dark Elves

                              Remember the Frost Giants from the first “Thor“? Yeah, they were wimps. The god of thunder has a much more dangerous foe to face in “Thor: The Dark World,” the sequel to 2011’s stand-alone adventure and the official second installment of Marvel’s Phase Two following next month’s “Iron Man 3.” More

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                                Kevin Feige Confirms DAREDEVIL Rights at Marvel Studios

                                The live-action film rights to Daredevil have indeed reverted back to Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige confirmed to Newsarama.

                                Speaking with Newsarama Monday at the Iron Man 3 press junket, the Marvel Studios president of production told us at the end of our conversation that, as previously speculated, the Daredevil rights are now under the Disney/Marvel umbrella. We directly asked Feige if the reports that Marvel Studios now had the rights to Daredevil were accurate, to which he replied, “To Daredevil? Yes.” More

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                                  Iron Man 3 director reveals the story Marvel refused to let him tell

                                  You can credit a lot of Marvel’s box-office success to the fact that they take the comic canon seriously, but there’s apparently one Iron Man storyline they still won’t let make it to the big screen. So what is it?

                                  The acclaimed “Demon in a Bottle” storyline from the late 1970s, which focused on Tony Stark’s struggle with alcoholism, is apparently off limits. It was groundbreaking at the time, and represented a real, human trial for Iron Man.  More

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                                    Clark Gregg Offers an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Update

                                    Attending the Tribeca Film Festival to promote his second directorial effort,Trust Me, the multitalented Clark Gregg spoke with Screen Rant about his return as Agent Phil Coulson in ABC’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”.

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