Coin Operated 187: Out of Control

Coin Operated 187: Out of Control

Out of Control

After a few weeks off, Brian and Cody catch up with all the out of control fandoms. We start off on 10/29 with the madness of the SNES Classic release. After that it was out to Tampa for MegaCon and beer. Brian enjoyed and reviewed his experience for that weekend including the can’t miss Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.

Fandom Hell

One of the themes we noticed at Megacon Tampa and in general was the amount of Funko Pop and Rick & Morty things everywhere. McDonald’s released the fabled Szechuan Sauce and the Rabid Rick & Morty fans went crazy. They are not a smart fan base.


Video Games

We talk about Cuphead and how much the style and  hardness make it a great game. Brian Talks about how much he joy he is going through playing the SNES classic especially Super Mario Land.

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    Coin Operated 186: The Throne

    Coin Operated 186: The Throne

    This week Cody called out but never fear Matt is here is fill in his Throne.

    Throne of TV

    We talk about our experiences with the all mighty Rickmobile, that made a pit stop in Orlando. By the way it was a crazy experience for both of them. Each one both agree lines suck.

    Throne of Comics

    After the Rickmobile came the Jason Aaron signing. Brian had to work most of it since it was at his job but Matt was able to experience the fastpass line. They talk about how Jason Aaron is different from what he looks like and is the most badass comic writer the both know. 

    Throne of Smut

    Matt and Brian go head to head for the king of Smut. Both dabble in the realm of the messed up ideas because they are messed up. They include Elvis, octopuses, poop and more.


    Lastly big thanks to Matt for coming on and filling in for Cody because this was a week not to miss.

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      Coin Operated 185: Brian in the Big Easy

      Coin Operated 185: Brian in the Big Easy

      This week Brian returns from the Big Easy and analyze trailers for The Punisher and Tomb Raider with Cody.

      Brian explains in gory detail about his trip to the Big Easy or New Orleans.

      Nick from the Big Easy

      Nick joins in, as he is from New Orleans and compares notes with Brian. Especially in regards to Food and Drinks because there was a lot of both.

      MegaCon Tampa!

      Coin Operated will be doing press at MegaCon.


      Special Guest, Stan Lees making a surprise visit to help the Hurricane Irma victims. 

      Horror Draft.

      Lastly the boys are working on a Horror Draft with Hard at Work. After the surprise ending to the Super Hero draft, will Coin Operated get their revenge or will Hard at Work slay them again?

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        Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes – Ep. 125: Raysie Dukes

        Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes – Ep. 125: Raysie Dukes

        This week the nerds come up a little light, when Charles and Nathan can’t show up. They call in Katie and Dephanie to take up the slack, and discuss their NerdOns, the current Nerd News, and answer a question from the Mail Bag.
        After all that fun the Nerds discuss the good and bad of Megacon 2016.

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