042: Home Alone 5: Holiday Heist – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

“Took us two and a half truffles to get here!” Ed, Dom and Tom have survived another year and finished off another franchise. In this episode, the boys are haunted by the mean bootlegging ghost, Dead-leg and made them watch 2012’s Home Alone 5: Holiday Heist! But then the ghost of Blue’s Clues past, Steve, floated through the door and fed Ed, distracting him throughout the movie and podcast…Dom and Tom still had to watch the movie…Listen to find out if they saved the best for last! Spoiler Alert! They didn’t…

The Lobby:

The boys talk about the movie franchises they look forward to jumping into for 2018! We talk dinosaurs, robots, hockey masks, Jedi and Mel Gibson. Dom also has the scoop on a scandalous secret relationship between two Star Wars characters!

Show Notes:

Ed eats!

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