Doctor Who Dark Journey Episode 5

tumblr_static_6rloqudkwgw0ck0wwoo0k00gkDeath On Baker Street

As time runs out, Holmes, The Doctor and Emily decode the secrets of the stars and an ancient plot to initiate the demonic transformation of humanity.

When a terrified witness to the recent killings finally reaches them, a hellish pursuit takes place deep within the murderous fog of Victorian London. With the clock ticking, The Doctor and Holmes find themselves face to face with a monster who threatens the existence of the people closest to The Doctor as well as humanity itself.

doctor_who_audio_dark_journey_adHolmes and The Doctor think they have uncovered the deadly intentions of the Illuminatos cult but have they failed to see the diabolical trap set for them by demons who live in plain sight?

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Cast and Crew:
The Doctor – Andrew Chalmers
Sherlock Holmes – Roy Miranda
Emily Hudson – Kate Elyse Forrest
Cassandra – Larissa Benfey
Inspector Gull – Rikki Wright
Sergeant Pike – Ben Clifford
Pub Thug -​ Atweh Atweh
Holmes lady friend -​ Adrienne Fish
Reporter 1 – Anthony Anderson

Director – MA Tamburro
Writer – Andrew Chalmers
Sound Design – Clayton Turner
Music – Traffic Experiment
Original Doctor Who theme – Ron Grainer, Delia Derbyshire
Producer – AM Audio Media


Pro Wrestling Cast: May 21, 2015 – WWE Payback Aftermath, Impact Cancellation Rumor, NXT Unstoppable

PWC Logo 051615Pro Wrestling Cast is live and uncensored on YouTube, Google Plus Hangouts On-Air, iTunes and Stitcher! Hosts Aljon Go and Stephen Anthony are back to review WWE‘s Payback event as well as discuss the setup for WWE Elimination Chamber. Also on tap are highlights of WWE Raw and Smackdown, WWE experimentation with new and established stars, Destination America canceling TNA’s Impact Wrestling rumor, how TNA lost its way and needed to find its identity, NXT Unstoppable results and the arrival of Samoa Joe. What did you think of WWE Payback? Are you a fan of WWE’s NXT? Can TNA be saved? Let us know via Facebook,Twitter or by calling our voice mail – (615) 9339-PWC // (615) 933-9792.

MATCH OF THE WEEK: TNA Unbreakable 2005. Unbreakable is remembered for the Three Way TNA X Division Championship match featuring Christopher Daniels (defending champion) vs Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles. Styles scored the pinfall becoming champ. The match received a rare 5 Star rating from wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, the first the company had received. The main event was ranked by TNA as the fourth greatest moment in the company’s history. Continue reading


Dining at Disney Podcast: EP7 – Review of The BOATHOUSE‏

DaD-2015-logo-iTunesDining at Disney Podcast hosts Kristen Hoetzel and Jae Brattain start off with an appetizer of news – Harambe Market opening in Disney’s Animal Kingdom; new restaurants coming to Disney Springs; Chef Mickey’s; 24-hour celebration foods at Disneyland, Disney California Adventure and Magic Kingdom; and food related 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration merchandise. For their entrée, Kristen reviews the newly opened The BOATHOUSE in Downtown Disney. For your dessert, they served up tips on eating during the off hours and souvenir popcorn buckets/sippers. Leave us your questions and comments by calling (614) 992-DADP (3237) or email us at

Visit Dining at Disney for the latest Disney food news, reviews, recipes and more from Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line!

Kristen – | | | | |

Jae – | |

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Interview with Joe Eisma

eekYou cageek happeningsThis past weekend thousands of pop culture fans converged on the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi Michigan, for the Motor City Comic Con. There were hundreds of media guests, comic professionals, and vendors crammed into the convention center. I was lucky enough to get a few moments to chat with Joe Eisma, the interior artist and co-creator of the smash hit from Image, Morning Glories. It is described by Nick Spencer as “Runaways Meets Lost.” We talk Marvel, DC, and of course Morning Glories. We talk the pros of working on a creator owned books, and the good and bad of social media. Here is how it went.

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Issue 9 – Avengers: Age of Gotham


In this issue, we’re joined by Andy, our buddy JD and Clint from Geek Dig podcast. We chat the recently announced cancellations and renewals in television, and new shows for fall. Then we get into a discussion of season one of Gotham and then a review of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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WDW After Dark: May 19. 2015 – D23 Membership, Coolest Summer Ever Disney Parks Events

WDW After Dark Logo for iTunesWDW After Dark is the LIVE and UNCENSORED weekly webcast for adult Disney fans. Kristen, Eric and Jeff discuss D23 membership, “Part of Your WorldJodi Benson event at Magic Kingdom, 24 hour Coolest Summer Ever kick off event and crowd levels at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom, Star Wars Weekends, Disneyland’s Diamond Anniversary, Chef Mickey’s brunch, new restaurants opening in Downtown Disney (WDW), and how long the staff have been doing fan podcasts and shows for the Sorcerer Radio Network. Let us know! Leave us your questions or comments on this discussion or other hot topics! Leave a voicemail at (410) 98-WDWAD – (410) 989-3923 or e-mail us at


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E-Ticket Time May 18th 2015

ett TLE-Ticket Time celebrates the release of Walt Disney Pictures “Tomorrowland” this week with a special playlist! Dan has an hour of the Magic Kingdom’s best Tomorrowland attractions. Get geared up for the film’s release the ETT way!




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Talking Comics for 05.20.15 – Insufferable #1, Convergence #7, Battleworld #1, A-Force #1 & More!


Thanks for pressing play!

Huge storyline this week as we get both Marvel and DC stories in full force!

Convergence continues with the New 52 heroes entering the fray! Tons of Tangent, Red Rain, and Crisis on Infinite Earths heroes and villains from DC this week!

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76 This Arrow Points to Star Wars Weekends!

The Neverland Podcast 4 1400Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! We are now a part of the We Be Geeks Network!Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! We are now a part of the We Be Geeks Network!

Star Wars Weekends has kicked off over at WDW, and Jesse and Jeremy will tell you about some of the events that they aren’t able to attend. But that won’t stop them from having some fun from a galaxy far, far away!

Next, Jeremy will share some fantastic audio from Stephen Amell’s (Arrow) Q&A session from Planet Comicon!

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The Well Watchers: Gambo

wellwatcherChiggers, Pokemon, USA’s ‘Up All Night’, Texas Heart Shot, John Travolta, Boneless or Bone-In Chicken Wing?, James Bond, Groundhog Day, Do You Even Bleed, Bro?, Natural Disaster Movies, Cryptosporidium, Cabin Fever, Cicadas, and Stink Bugs.
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MMG Issue 70: May 16, 2015 Meet the Barton’s

mmg 2014 2Mike and Eric are back with another issue of Mighty Marvel Geeks. The guys recap Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and give their opinion on the film. The gang also talk about how MAAoU revealed at different times 12 future MCU movie plots. ABC releases their upfronts which is great for MAoS and Marvel’s Agent Carter. Speaking of Marvel’s Agent Carter, Action moves west to Los Angeles. Also Mike brings up information about Fox’s plan for their X-Men spinoff, New Mutants. All this and more. Mighty Marvel Geeks NCBD picks for May 20, 2015 are: Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #1, Star Wars #5, Deathlok #8, Ultimate End #1, Planet Hulk #1 & Loki: Agent of Asgard #14

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