GW1 – Geeks and Smelfs and Ants, Oh My!


It’s Kylan and Miss Dawn holding down the fort as Ken and Vicky commune with the great outdoors. We have a lot to share about Geekfest, a spoiler-filled review and discussion about Ant-Man, and the usual array of geek news.

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    Talking Comics for 07.29.15 – JLA Gods & Monsters Superman #1, Shrinking Man #1, Stopping Superman?


    Thanks for pressing play!

    JLA Gods and Monsters continues this week as we get a look at a very different upbringing of Superman and exactly how much that changes the super hero that we’ve all come to know and love. This is not that Superman!

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      Pro Wrestling Cast: July 26, 2015 – Hulk Hogan Out of WWE, Racism in Wrestling

      PWC Logo 051615

      In this week’s controversial and uncensored Pro Wrestling Cast hosts Aljon Go and Stephen Anthony talk about the recent resignation/firing of Hulk Hogan from the WWE for the use of the N-word. The duo also discuss racism in the world of professional wrestling, post Battleground RAW, Undertaker returns, MVP leaves TNA, Global Force Wrestling, New Japan and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Questions? Comments? Snide remarks? Let us know via Facebook,Twitter or by calling our voice mail – (615) 9339-PWC // (615) 933-9792.

      PROMO OF THE WEEK: “Andre the Dummy” – Ernie Ladd calls Andre the Giant a dummy and wants to slap him in the face in front of his parents (from 1978 in Leroy McGuirk’s Tri-State Wrestling). See it…

      QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What do you think about the WWE removing Hulk Hogan from the Hall of Fame listing and the website? Do you think Hogan will ever be welcome back into the WWE? Leave a message on our voice mail or comment on our Facebook, Twitter or YouTube channel!

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        86 Comics 103, Marvel/DC in the 80s!

        The Neverland Podcast 4 1400Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast!
        It’s time to go back to class, but don’t worry, this is the good kind of class. This is the topic that you enjoy hearing about and discussing with friends. That’s right, it’s time to get your geek on and attend Comics 103. Normally known as Marvel/DC 10#, but we branch outside of Marvel and DC as we take look back at all the fun that was the 80s!
        We are joined by special guests, Lost Boys Phillip and Eric!
        It’s been a wild three weeks since we last heard about any competition with the Neverland Battle of the Disney Bands, but never the less, I do have a HUGE update to bring you this week!
        Be sure to visit The Battle of the Disney Bands 2015!
        Grab your pixie and let’s fly to Neverland!
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          MMG Issue 78: 7-25-15 – Lair, Lab, Base… Whatever

          mmg 2014 2The agents for Mighty Marvel Geeks are back in the lab, base, lair… whatever with another issue. Kylan gives a review of Ant-Man. Eric brings up that George R. R. Martin has issues with the MCU. Mike gives you the low down on what we should expect with the characters and how they could play into phase 3. Brian Michael Bendis comes out and says he loves what they are doing on the Marvel’s Jessica Jones series for Netflix and more. Can’t forget Mike gets to try out the new Marvel Playmation. Mighty Marvel Geeks NCBD picks for July 29, 2015 are: Hail Hydra #2, Thors #2, Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #3, Star Wars #7, S.H.I.E.L.D. #8, Deathlok #10, Daredevil #17, Black Widow #20, & Howard the Duck #5 (producer’s note: at time of recording and picks where made, Howard the Duck #5 was listed  for the calendar week of July 26-Aug 1) Marvel Unlimited book of the week is: Star Wars #8 (1977).

          Subscribe today on iTunes and Stitcher and leave a 5 star review. Leave a voice mail for your outlet of all things Marvel at 321-219-8227. Email us at mmg (at) webegeeks dot net with any news, questions or comments.

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            Doctor Who Dark Journey – Dark Journeys End

            tumblr_static_3nbw8j4uf5q8okg4so0okc4k4The battle may have been won but for The Doctor the war wages on… For a Time Lord, memories never remain in the past. As the ghosts of yesteryear reappear in the Doctor’s life only one question remains…

            Can the Doctor make peace with himself or will his regret over the destruction of the Noble Project serve to end the Time Lords’s life?

            Featuring the voice talents of Andrew Chalmers, Larissa Benfey, MA Tamburro, Atweh Atweh, Paul Thomas Manz and Mark Bogner.

            Produced by AM Audio Media, Sound Design by Benjamin Barton, Music by Emily Klassen, Album art by Gabrielle Schaeffer, Written by Andrew Chalmers, Directed by MA Tamburro.

            tumblr_inline_ns1pxcpUwn1sfii4y_500Doctor Who Dark Journey is a production of AM Audio Media. Series is available on the internet’s most popular fandom podcasts including Gallifrey Stands, The Geeko, We Be GeeksThe Droids CanadaWhoWars,Geek Watch One, Timey Wimey Tea TimeDrinking In The Park and The Tangent Bound Network.

            For the fans, by the fans. Follow the Doctor … Into darkness on itunestwitterand facebook. Visit our sponsor The Geeko for the best in Doctor Who news.

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              WDW Tiki Room: July 24, 2015 – Huge Update on Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival

              WDWTR iTunes logo

              This week on WDW Tiki Room Kristen Hoetzel and Aljon Go have a HUGE update to the schedule and offerings of this year’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. For more information and news on the 2015 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, visit Dining at Disney’s festival page. Do you have a question for the duo? Leave a voicemail at (850) 888-TIKI | (850) 888-8454 or e-mail us at

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              Hotline – (850) 888-TIKI – (850) 888-8454
              E-mail –

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                WBG Episode 129: Agents Of The Killing Joke

                WBG with bkg2This week on We Be Geeks, all members are present and accounted for. Mark Hamill wants to reprise the role of the Joker in the Killing Joke really really bad. The Flash has a new costume, and boy is it cool! While on the topic of Flash, team got sidetracked to Agents of Shield, Constantine, and Gotham. Speaking of Gotham, Michael Chiklis is joining the cast this season. While Gotham keeps getting better and better, it’s interesting to see what he will bring to the cast. Star Wars is always on their minds, and we will be seeing Little Golden Books soon. The art is beautiful, and the team is pretty excited for them. Also, Mike lets us in on his viewing order of Star Wars that he shares with his daughter.

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                  TTBP Episode 109 – The Doctor! And Potatoes…?

                  TBPCiTunesImageEpisode 109 – The Doctor! And Potatoes…?
                  Ok, if that didn’t give it away… Mark and Jim have the distinct pleasure of having returning guest MA Tamburro, and first timer, Andrew Chalmers of AM Audio Media’s Production of Doctor Who Dark Journey. We’re gearing up for the Series 2 Finale, which will be a great prelude to Series 3 – right here on the Tangent-Bound Podcast – THIS SATURDAY! Stay Tuned!
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                    WDW After Dark: July 21, 2015 – Star Wars Personality Quiz, Disney Park and Marvel Studios News

                    WDW After Dark Logo for iTunes

                    WDW After Dark is the LIVE and UNCENSORED weekly webcast for adult Disney fans. Hosts Aljon, Jeff and Eric have the latest Disney, Star Wars and Marvel news including the new Ice Palace Boutique (Frozen) at Disney Hollywood Studios, Escape to Walt’s Wilderness experience at WDW, new beta testing for seating for Fantasmic, Marvel’s Ant-Man box office, Marvel’s Black Panther director leaves and what your favorite Star Wars character says about you. You can also decide what color Aljon should paint his studio! Have a question for the crew? Leave a voicemail at (410) 98-WDWAD – (410) 989-3923.

                    SHOW INFO LINK:
                    What Your Favorite Star Wars Character Says About You

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                      TTBP Episode 108 – Darn Kids

                      TBPCiTunesImageMark and Jim have a rather interesting pleasure. They are joined by non other than Mark’s daughter, Jordan. Ummm…. what? I think you should just shut up and listen. They talk about all kinds of crazy things – especially toward the end. NOTE: we had a sound hiccup, Mark did his best to compensate for it – but, he’s always compensating for something or other… (nuff said) LISTEN!

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                        VGBC Episode 56: Fallout Shelter, Massive Chalice, Tales From the Borderlands Episode 3, Destiny’s The Taken King Controversy, The Golf Club, Sunset Overdrive, and Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

                        VGBCAll teh awesomez in this episode! Just dig on that title!


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