VGBC Episode 52: The Return of 8-Bit Adam! /// also: Bloodborne, Slenderman, Destiny, Forza Horizon 2, Hearthstone, Batman Arkham Knight, Nintendo’s April Fools, and Amiibos!!!

VGBCIn this episode, we welcome back our VERY good friend Adam Pewitt of the Adam and JP Show and 8-Bit Adam! Adam joins us to explain this whole newfangled Amiibo thing that the kids can’t stop talking about and games in general.


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Now Geek This: Star Wars, Avengers, and Batman Vs. Superman…..Oh my!

nowgeekthisWell, it certainly has been quite a week to be a geek, has it not?  We’ve had a deluge of geekery thrown at us this week, a veritable monsoon if you will.  There has been so much excitement this week, I could swear that the geek center of my brain was going to explode.  I don’t know if I can take much more geeky goodness, but, I am certainly willing to test that limit if any more newsbits should happen to be released.  Now then, let us discuss some of those tasty morsels, shall we? Continue reading

WBG Ep 116: Cosplay Is Not Just For Conventions

WBG with bkg2This week the We Be Geeks gang recaps their experiences at two different Cons, MegaCon in Orlando and Steel City Con in Pittsburgh. And we are joined by a special guest: Mike’s wife Malissa, who shares her experience, both at MegaCon and how she’s lived with Mike for so many years (Key: get to bed BEFORE he starts snoring).

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Less Than Or Sequel To Episode 11.5: The Deadpool Mini-sode.

avatars-000134690434-a40d19-originalIn this episode, we discuss the upcoming Deadpool film, the last time we saw him on the screen, and a bunch of other things completely unrelated to Deadpool that we just really felt like talking about.
Our contest is still running, so if you want a free Rogue Wallet from Rogue Industries (and you do because they’re great), email us your pitch for a sequel that doesn’t exist.  The more inappropriate it is for the original film to have a sequel, the better… Probably.  I don’t know.  Just make it funny or legit awesome and you can win a wallet!
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E-Ticket Time April 13th 2015

ETTOn this episode, Dan and the fun zoners sounds off on their favorite rare and obscure Disney characters in the “ETT Interactive Queue”.

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geek happeningsThe next big thing firing up the internet this month is the launch of DC’s big crossover series Convergence. A lot of the comic folks I hang out with are pretty much scoffing at it due to the lack of A-list talent on the tie-ins. Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, or Mark Waid are nowhere to be found. Instead we have writers like Sean Parsons, Frank Tieri, and Tom Peyer. Not exactly household names. There are a couple A list writers like Gail Simone and Dan Jurgens. The art department is made up pretty much of unheard of folks as well. Despite all this, I am excited about it.   Continue reading

Review: The Man With The Iron Fists 2

wbg review w bgpWow what a weekend, MegaCon for Mike, Steel City Comic Con for Julz, Daredevil on Netflix,Game of Thrones on HBO and today on Blu-Ray and DVD, The Man With the Iron Fists 2 is released. Did you liked the first film, then you like The Man With the Iron Fists 2. TMWTIF2 is also done in a grindhouse style mixing the feel of a martial arts film  but with a hip-hop soundtrack.. You don’t have to have seen the first film to enjoy this one, it gives you enough of a synapsis from TMWTIFso you don’t feel lost. Part 2 gives you the ending of previous film,

The silver mine is run by Master Ho (Carl Ng),he has enslaved the village to his command with help from his Beetle Clan. Li (Dustin Nguyen) is the spokesman for the miners and is also a a champion for the villiage. Thaddeus (RZA ) gets defeated early on his quest to find redemption, Buddha, and his inner peace. Continue reading

Dining at Disney: EP4 – Top 5 Snacks at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park‏s

DaD-2015-logo-iTunesDining at Disney Podcast hosts Kristen Hoetzel and Jae Brattain start off with an appetizer of news – Cinderella treats, six-course dessert experience at Remy, Disney’s culinary apprentice program and new Disney’s Polynesian Village merchandise. For their entrée, they discuss their top five snacks at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park. For your dessert, they served up something you should try at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

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Visit Dining at Disney for the latest Disney food news, reviews, recipes and more from Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise!

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Geek Watch One – Issue 6

10517161_10153169046393478_1732899106_nKylan and Ken, along with Vicky and Miss Dawn, are joined in the studio by friends Andy, Heather, Julie and Jessie. Plenty of geeky fun this time around!

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Talking Comics for 04.15.15 – Archie Vs Predator #1, Bloodshot Reborn #1, Runlovekill #1 & More!


Thanks for pressing play!

Folks, don’t forget that Free Comic Book Day is near and we plan on having huge celebrations at both of our stores. Make sure that you set aside May 2, 2015, the day after Avengers 2 is released, to go by one of our stores and get some great free comics!

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MMG Iss 66: April 4,2015 Big Thunder DemiGod

mmg 2014 2Welcome back to a new issue of Mighty Marvel Geeks. Mike and Eric bring you news from the MCU and comics this week. First up news from Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. First round of reactions are in and seems like a 60/40 or 70/30 mix. Joss Whedon also says no end credit scene (can’t top shawarma). The Russo Brothers are helming Marvel’s Avengers: Infinty War pt 1 and 2. The guys discuss once again because other media did not cath the hints earlier but Crossbones will be in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. Eric and Mike recap MAoS discuss the Daredevil release and a possible MAoS second spin off. All of this and more in this action packed issue. Mighty MArvel Geeks NCBD picks for April 15, 2015 are: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #2, Princess Leia #3, Deathlok #7, Thor #7, Ms. Marvel #14, Magneto #17 and Avengers #44 (honorable mention)
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Less Than Or Sequel To: Thanks For Having Us!


Please allow ourselves to introduce… Ourselves.

We are Less Than or Sequel To, a podcast that covers the usually terrible and uninspired sequels, prequels and reboots that are increasingly saturating Hollywood. We have been at this since February, 2015, which is longer than I think any of us expected to last. We never expected to be part of a network of podcasts.

That is why joining We Be Geeks is extremely exciting for us. They were gracious enough to give us a listen and despite that, extended an invite to us. As a listener, you will receive an episode each weekend, with an occasional mini-sode every once and a while (whenever we make one that is moderately tolerable) Continue reading