104 Star Wars, Dinosaurs, and the End of Season Two!

The Neverland Podcast 4 1400Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast!
We’ve reached the finale, the end of our second season here in Neverland. We’ve been going strong now for two years! It’s very important to go out on a high note before we start our third season, so I’m pulling out all the stops!
Lost Boy “Kryptonian” Phillip stops by to talk about our two year achievement, and while he’s here, we’ll of course just have to talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. George Lucas is not a part of this series anymore, and we’ll talk about what we think of this development.
I’ll also briefly talk about the premier of Disney’s new animated series, The Lion Guard.
Next, Lost Boy “Retlaw” Eric stops by to talk about the new Disney/Pixar film, The Good Dinosaur. We’ll talk about it’s production, and then offer our thoughts on the film.
And finally, we’ll revisit a great audio recording from the past, The Story of Star Wars from a classic vinyl record. It begins our final countdown to The Force Awakens!
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    MMG Issue 96: Giant-Sized History Of Malibu Pt.2 With Roland Mann

    MMG 2015Happy Thanksgiving listeners! Mike, Eric and Kylan return with a GIANT-SIZED issue of Mighty Marvel Geeks. Roland Mann returns this week with the history of Malibu part 2: the rise and fall of Malibu. So sit back in your turkey induced coma as the guys revisit a quirkey time in comics history. Mighty Marvel Geeks NCBD picks for December 2, 2015 are: Howard the Duck #2, All-New Inhumans #1, Spidey #1, Red Wolf #1, Guardians of Infinity #1, Doctor Strange #3, Vision #2, Nova #2 & Daredevil #1 and the Marvel Unlimited pick is: Star Wars #12 (1978).

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      JAN 061: Comic Book TV Season Week 10 Review (11/28/2015)

      JAN061Anthony, Imran and Rugboy wonder what’s wrong with Supergirl, discuss the “Glenn” reveal on The Walking Dead, how far everyone is with Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix, and geek out over the first Captain America: Civil War trailer with Mr. Durite live on Blab! Plus, a bonus interview with Taylor Grey, voice of Ezra Bridger on Star Wars Rebels!


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        HunnicOutcasts Left Over Holiday Special Batman The Long Halloween

        Hunnic Outcasts LogoWith Turkey Day leaving us. And Xmas right around the corner. What could be better? Than another left over Hunnic Holiday Special? Than Batman The Long Halloween. An Hunnic-Ween ’15 Episode. That was “Long Overdue.” Due to schedule conflicts. It got lost and forgotten for a few weeks. I did record it in two parts. And unfortunately Kendra, got sick in the second recording. But the show “must go on.” The question is, someone named The Holiday Killer. Is killing on each Holiday. Who could it be? No matter the outcome. I still Believe in Harvey Dent.

        HunnicOutcasts Is also available on Spreaker.com and Itunes.

        The Thought/s and Opinion/s are that of the individual host/s. They do not reflect Hunnicoutcast/Skirt Productions.

        The Opening Theme is that of JLU.
        The Opening/Blooper Audio Clips.
        Are From The Batman TAS Episode. The Strange Case of Bruce Wayne.
        The Justice League Theme. And Audio clips are the intellectual property of Warner Bros. And their respected affiliations.
        No infringement is intended.

        The Spreaker.com Podcast Artwork is that of Kendra Hale and Erik Mullins.

        The Itunes Podcast Artwork is that of Jeff Batista.


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          Super Podshots Ep. 31 – Phil Spencer’s 2014 Interview Is Now 2015 & Beyond’s Reality

          xbox youtube profile pictureHappy Holidays and welcome to the latest episode of Super Podshots, today we reflect on our interview with Phil Spencer. As we look back and listen to his response to his answers, much of what he stated has come to fruition this year. Xbox has had an amazing year in gaming and a great year of exclusives. With 2016 looking even better, this show will let you see why I believe Phil Spencer is the man that  the Xbox division needs and the leader that Xbox fans deserve.

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            365Flicks Ep022 365 Newcastle Film and Comic Con… Kate Dickie/Tom Burke/Ian Beattie/David Prowse…News/Top5 Tv Themes

            Ep 22 In this bumper Episode of the 365FlicksPodcast the lads found themselves at Showmasters Film and Comic Con in the lovely city of Newcastle… Not only did we partake in the talks but we had the good fortune of snagging Press Passes, meaning that we were able to hob nob with the stars.

            Listen in as we talk to Kate Dickie star of Game of Thrones and such movies as Prometheus and Filth. She played Aunt Lyssa in Game of Thrones and was such a lovely person to speak to (but dont mention the Moon Door). We also spoke to Tom Burke who plays Athos in BBC’s Musketeers as well as starring in Ryan Goslings Only God Forgives…

            Another Game of Thrones star who was gracious enough to give us his time was Merryn Trant himself Mr Ian Beattie “TOO OLD” he was such a great guy and was a pleasure meeting him (even bagged an exsclusive). You may be surprised to hear what David Prowse (The Real Darth Vader) had to say about his time on the Star Wars set…

            We had a great time at the Con met some great people and hope you will enjoy this special episode which we round off with our typical News Round Up with Civil War trailer news and some wrestling talk. Then we end the show with a meaningless Top5 of TV themes tunes.



            00.00 – 08.00 “Your Listening to” Thanks to William Milne for Theme Music

            08.00 – 01.23.00 FCC Newcastle Talk

            • 13.00 – 17.45        Interview with Kate Dickie from Game of Thrones
            • 32.25 – 41.55         Interview with Tom Burke from The Musketeers
            • 51.00 – 01.02.20     Interview with Ian Beattie from Game of Thrones
            • 01.11.10 – 01.17.30 Interview with David Prowse The Real Darth Vader

            01.23.00 – 01.24.05 Astro Radio Z Promo

            01.24.05 – 01.59.50 News Round-Up (Civil War trailer, Star Wars, Wrestling)

            01.59.50 – 02.00.30 HOBI Promo

            02.00.30 – 03.32.00 Meaningless Top5 Tv theme tunes


            Thank you to Showmasters Events for having us to Newcastle FCC and allowing us Press Passes to speak to these great people and a special thank you to Mary who was part of the crew and looked after us…

            FIND US: 

            Chris and I hope you like the show and hope to hear from you all soon, Thanks for having us…



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              WDW Tiki Room: November 26, 2015 – Black Friday, Disney By The Numbers, D Magical Education

              WDWTR iTunes logoWDW Tiki Room hosts Kristen Hoetzel and Aljon Go celebrate Black Friday with a few giveaways taking place on DiningatDisney.com as well as JediMousketeer.com. Author Tony Caselnova talks about his new book “Disney by the Numbers” and founder of D Magical Education, Diane Coddington talks about her latest Disney Park based learning guides. We are also giving away books by both authors! Contest details coming soon to http://WDWTikiRoom.com!

              VISIT: http://WDWTikiRoom.com | http://twitter.com/WDWTikiRoom | facebook.com/WDWTikiRoom | Aljon http://twitter.com/JediMouseketeer | Kristen http://twitter.com/DiningatDisney | Hotline (850) 888-TIKI // (850) 888-8454 | E-mail WDWTikiRoom@SRSounds.com

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                WBG Episode 147: Sanitized For Your Protection

                wbg 2015Is it a dream? Is it a mirage? This episode of We Be Geeks features a return appearance by the one and only Julz. With Julz back to rein in the testerone, the gang starts off by discussing a potential Batman vs. Superman spoiler found in one of the toy box sets. We then move on to discuss the new Netflix Marvel show Jessica Jones at length. The return of Julz leads us to discuss the latest episode of Doctor Who before moving on to discuss the upcoming Marvel Movie Doctor Strange. We cover some Fantastic Four movie news, and then get into a discussion about the cancelation of The Player along with other canceled shows. Of course it wouldn’t be a proper We Be Geeks episode without discussing the latest Star Wars news, including C3-PO making an appearance on the Waze app, the potential box office numbers of the movie, and some interesting Star Wars goodies from Google. After that, we talk about some fun Easter Eggs you can find on the internet, then move on to the revival of the Tremors franchise as a TV show before finishing off with a discussion about the shows that have not been cancelled.

                Subscribe today on iTunes and Stitcher and leave a 5 star review. Leave a voice mail on the Geek Revolution hotline at 321-219-8227. Email us at webegeeks (at) webegeeks dot net with any news, questions or comments.

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                  Marvelette Missives – Hero or Heroine?

                  MM-LogoI recently finished reading volume 1 of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye (My Life As a Weapon). Outside of reading up on things related to the movies, I’ve never been very into any of the Avengers comics. But I’ve heard such good things about this particular run of Hawkeye since it debuted a couple years ago that I wanted to give it a shot (I have no idea if I intended that pun). Continue reading

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                    Dining at Disney Podcast EP20: Disney Foodie Holiday Gift Guide

                    DaD-2015-logo-iTunesDining at Disney Podcast hosts Kristen Hoetzel and Jae Brattain discuss holiday gifts for the Disney foodie. Leave us your questions and comments by calling (614) 992-DADP (3237) or email us at podcast@diningatdisney.com.

                    FOLLOW US: Visit Dining at Disney for the latest Disney food news, reviews, recipes and more from Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line ! http://diningatdisney.com —

                    Kristen – http://twitter.com/diningatdisney | http://www.facebook.com/DiningatDisneyhttp://www.youtube.com/TheDiningatDisney | Jae – https://twitter.com/MagicalFoodTour | https://www.facebook.com/MagicalFoodTour —

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                      Now Geek This Reviews Into The Badlands

                      nowgeekthisIn this edition of Now Geek This, I will be reviewing the new AMC show, Into The Badlands.  The show stars Daniel Wu as a warrior in a post-apocalyptic feudal society divided among seven barons called the Badlands.  Into The Badlands airs on AMC on Sundays at 10:00PM right after The Walking Dead. Continue reading

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                        JAN 060: Tampa Bay Comic Con Recap with Danielle Moses

                        JAN060Danielle Moses, AKA “Flee”, returns to The Jock and Nerd Podcast to share stories from Tampa Bay Comic Con 2015, and announces a new con in a new city! Anthony and Imran also learn what it’s like to go through Chicago’s Second City Conservatory program and Flee does a great character voice! Random topics include the alleged animal cruelty in Milo and Otis, pansexuality, The Walking Dead, Serial season 2 and even organized religion!

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                          WDW After Dark: November 24, 2015 – Waldorf Astoria Orlando, WDW Trip Report, Black Friday Gifts

                          WDW After Dark Logo for iTunesWDW After Dark is LIVE late night talk show for Disney fans! This week hosts Aljon Go, Eric Allen and Kristen Hoetzel discuss DISNEY HEADLINE NEWS, review Food and Wine Weekends events at Waldorf Astoria Orlando and talk about Black Friday gift ideas for the Disney, Marvel and Star Wars fan in your household. Have a question or comment about this week’s show? Leave a voicemail at (410) 98-WDWAD – (410) 989-3923 or e-mail us at wdwafterdark@gmail.com.

                          FOLLOW US: http://wdwafterdark.com | http://twitter.com/wdwafterdark | http://www.facebook.com/WDWAfterDarkWebcast | http://www.youtube.com/user/WDWAfterDark

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